When looks matter.

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When looks matter.

The Soltaro ESS All-in-One.

A futuristic energy solution for a modern home –

Forget everything you know about batteries and look at Soltaro. Not only have we thrown away the rule book, but we’ve improved, evolved and grown our battery storage solution to look fantastic without any compromise on performance or durability.

Our ESS All-in-One is a full hybrid battery and inverter solution with expandable modules to grow as your needs do. It can fit onto an existing Solar system or as part of a new install, making it an integral part of your homes energy solution.

Quick to install with remote and local monitoring so you can assess and monitor the system at your leisure, safe in the knowledge that you have the safest Lithium Ion Phosphate technology available. You’ll be amazed at how quiet our system is too!

Our affordable systems are held in the UK so you can have your battery when you want it. And, with our 10,000 charging cycles or 10 year warranty, you’ll have piece of mind that this really is something worth shouting about.

We think our battery is the best in class. We think you will too.

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