Soltaro are the home energy storage experts in South Africa.

Tired of load shedding and high electricity costs? Our contemporary ESS Lite and range of home and commercial batteries combine energy storage systems with smart technology, packed with practical features. 10 year / 10,000 charging cycles warranty, remote monitoring, plug and play technology and fully expandable storage are all as standard.

We design, engineer and manufacture our modular energy storage solutions for fantastic results.

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A reliable and efficient energy storage system.

Soltaro’s modular system gives you complete control. Need more solar or storage? Simply add additional panels or battery modules to increase the capacity of your system. Total flexibility at your fingertips.

The compact and sleek design are built with practicality in mind. Almost silent with no internals fans or external loose wires. Keeping your home powered in a safe and efficient way.

Soltaro will show you how you can revolutionise the way you power your home. Save unused solar power within your battery for use any time, day or night, when you need it most.

Combine a Solar Pholotvoltaic (PV) system alongside a battery such as the All In One ESS from Soltaro. You’ll immediately see the difference. Once the sun stops shining, your battery will be charged and ready to power your homes’ devices.


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Why the All-in-One ESS Lite?

Seamless Switchover for Power Outage

10 Year or 10,000 Charging Cycle Warranty

Expandable Storage


Remote & Local Monitoring

Expert Engineering

Local Aftercare & Technical Support

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Solar plus Storage

As our innovative battery storage systems only store excess solar energy, you’ll still get the maximum benefit from your generated solar throughout the day. By only storing the ‘unused’ energy, you are simply storing the electricity that would normally go back to the grid.

Not only are you increasing your energy independence, but you will also lower your energy bills by self-generating and storing energy.

Unstable power network or grid?

Battery Storage is perfect for areas where the power supply is unstable.  Keep the lights on and your devices powered when you need them most. Make the move toward ‘offgrid’ and power your home with energy storage you can control.

With seamless switchover for power outages you will never be in the dark.

How does the battery work?

About Soltaro

Founded in Australia, our energy storage systems were designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions. Flexible and mess free installation for you, our customer.

Our range of AC Retro and Hybrid Batteries and Inverters are designed so that you only invest in the best option for your requirements. If your needs change, simply add another ‘plug in’ module at a later date.


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Purchasing a huge capacity system may sound like a great idea. However, if you’re unable to fully charge and discharge it regularly, you may paying for additional storage you don’t need. At Soltaro, we’ll talk to you about your needs now, and in the future, making sure the system you purchase is right for you.

Innovative, expandable energy storage for modern living.

Technical Support

Our intelligent software ensures that if your system requires an update or in the rare case of an issue, we’ll be able to fix it remotely without having to visit your home. If you do need an engineer to look at your system, we have a straightforward, local technical support team at the ready. Simply log your details on our portal and raise a support ticket.

Do your research. Many manufacturers don’t have local technical support. This can be frustrating when dealing with non-existent support or warranties that are difficult to claim from. This can leave customers feeling neglected and let down.



We understand that should our customers ever need to use their warranty, the process is simple. Our warranty claims are dealt with in a speedy and efficient manner with local on-site technical support actually meaning ‘local’!

We care about your home or business and monitor all our installers and retailers. This is why we use an accreditation system so you that you know your installer has the correct training and is fully proficient in Soltaro Systems.

Aftercare & Support

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