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We’ve added the answers to our most frequently asked questions. This will help you choose the right solution for your home or business.

Soltaro are manufacturers and innovators of the most advanced energy storage solutions relevant for today and the future. Established in Australia in 2016, Soltaro have been designing, manufacturing and engineering systems to lower energy cots in homes and businesses.

There are a number of ways batteries can effect your energy costs. By storing the excess energy you’d usually export back to the grid, you lower your demand for energy overall, therefore lowering your energy bills.  Another way is storing energy that you generate and selling it at a higher price than what you buy it for.

Cost is less than most people expect. Get in touch to find out our latest prices and which battery storage solution is best for you to start saving money on your electricity bills.

Soltaro works best as a DC Coupled system meaning solar panels are connected directly to the inverter increasing efficiency by transferring DC power from your panels directly to DC power stored to the battery.  This also utilises the full features that can be used by the battery in Emergency Power Mode.  Soltaro AIO2 can also be AC Coupled which very few products are capable of doing.   AC Coupled mode adds Soltaro AIO2 to your existing solar systems, this method is less energy efficient and not all the emergency power features are supported in this mode.  You can also add AIO2 to an existing solar system but also add panels to the AIO2 for increased solar generation maintaining all of Soltaro’s Emergency Power features. 

Soltaro domestic batteries are designed specifically for your home. The design follows aesthetics, usage conditions and performance levels to complement your home. Commercial batteries are designed to have a utilitarian design with focus on output to meet higher demands.

Most homes work on single phase power. Some larger homes and businesses use 3 Phase power to deliver high power requirements.

Safety is Soltaro’s top priority. Numerous protective features have been built into the product’s software and hardware to ensure safe and reliable operation for years to come. Our batteries use the safest chemistry available LiFePO4 (Lithium Ion Phosphate), most batteries use cost economical types of chemistry like NMC (Nickel Manganese Cobalt).

No, panels are not needed to have a Soltaro AIO2. But, to get the absolute best result for energy saving and emergency power features, batteries provide more benefits when used in conjunction with PV Panels.

Some countries are now offering financial incentives for installing batteries. Check with your local installer or local energy authorities. Regardless of financial incentives, now is the best time to be installing batteries to reap the savings on your energy bill spend.

An experienced installer can typically have your system fully installed and operational in under 2 hours depending on the distance from your main power board.

Soltaro systems are designed to be flexible and blend in with your home. Most of our products are rated to IP65 which means they can be installed both indoors or outdoors. As our systems are also designed for indoor installations they are one of the quietest systems available and can be installed in most areas of the home such as attic or loft space, utility room, garage, cupboard, hallway or kitchen.

Yes, in fact we would advise that batteries are a must if you are off-grid to help manage your energy usage and spend.

We can help you choose the right battery that is matched to how and when you use your energy, making it the most efficient and cost effective option for your home or business.

Soltaro batteries sizes can be configured to your needs. Starting from 5 kilowatt hours of storage all the way up to 30 kilowatt hours for domestic and small commercial applications. As opposed to buying systems with too much storage you will not use, we scale to meet your demand and budget.

The Soltaro battery range comes with a 10 year or 10,000 charging cycle warranty for our AIO2 on-grid range for your piece of mind. Please refer to our warranty documentation for full details.

Soltaro systems can be retrofit to existing solar inverters but our team will talk through the best option for you depending on your current inverters age/warranty.

Unlike most batteries on the market, Soltaro batteries are designed to last many years beyond their warranty although this does depend on usage and environmental conditions.

There are a number of ways batteries can affect your energy bill. The most typical way is storing energy that you generate and sell at a lower price than what you buy energy for. They can also be used to take advantage of storing cheaper power from the grid to offset when energy prices are high.

All batteries will diminish in performance over time and with the amount of use. The technology in your Soltaro Inverter and batteries is designed to decrease this effect with a combination of a longer lasting cell chemistry and greater communication between the batteries and the inverter.

Yes, unlike standard grid connected solar inverters, Soltaro AIO2 has an Emergency Power Mode which can use your panels and batteries during a blackout to charge the battery (during the day) and at the same time supply power to run your house day and night.  Depending on how much energy your house uses and how much capacity your batteries have your AIO2 will continually operate during a blackout.  Soltaro have a market leading power output for our Emergency Power Mode, most times double that of other systems on the market meaning you can run more of your home and charge batteries faster.  Check and ask for this before making your decision when selecting an energy storage system. 

Soltaro AC Retro Inverters are designed to be added to existing solar solar systems. Soltaro Hybrid Hyper inverters are designed to be fit on new installations or replace ageing solar inverters and using PV panels that are already installed. By using Soltaro Hyper Inverters the installations tend to be cleaner and more efficient processing generated and stored energy.

You can. The AIO2 ESS is designed with black start technology and does not need 'grid' power to recharge the inverter so every time the sun shines, your battery re-charges making this a true off grid solution.

You can fully monitor your AIO2 ESS from our app or on the unit itself. Our smart technology also allows you to set parameters to get even more from your system to maximise your excess solar.

Yes. You can add an additional 2 modules onto your system providing they are the same capacity as the original size.

The AIO3 is three phase and aimed at larger domestic properties or small businesses. It has a capacity of 16-36kWh.

Like all of our other battery storage products, the AIO3 comes with a 10 year or 10,000 charging cycle warranty.

With the AIO3, the inverter options are 5kW, 8kW or 12kW.

With the Soltaro EV Charger you can. It designed with our smart technology to utilise excess solar to lower your energy bill even further.

The Soltaro EV charger uses a Type 2 charging connector.

The Soltaro EV Charger is compatible with both single phase and three phase and comes with a 3 year warranty as standard.

Yes! Soltaro AC Units are designed to utilise excess solar through their smart software. Easy programmable behaviours to ensure you make the most of excess 'solar' to power your AC and get the perfect temperature using minimal or no grid power.

Split AC (air conditioning) units are designed to heat or cool your home as required so that you always reach the perfect temperature.

The 4D auto swing is the multidirectional airflow from your AC unit so that it heats or cools the full room rather than directional spots. A more efficient airflow.

Yes! Soltaro ASHP Units are designed to utilise excess solar through their smart software. Easy programmable behaviours to ensure you make the most of excess 'solar' to power your ASHP and heat your hot water using minimal or no grid power.

The All-in-one refers to the single unit. The combined unit means that there is no need for an unsightly secondary exterior unit as there would be with a traditional ASHP or AC unit.

Compared to a gas boiler or water heater the saving can be in excess of 80%. As the Soltaro ASHP can also use excess solar to power, those savings are even higher as you are using less grid power.

Our batteries are designed to allow multiple charging cycles per day to maximise your storage. With up to 20.54kWh of daily useable storage, double that of many competitors batteries. This additional storage allows you to charge your battery using cheap overnight tariffs alongside generated solar throughout the day for a flexible solution to battery storage that lowers your bills even further.

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