Stop sending your unused power back to the grid.

Want to lower your energy bills or lower you carbon footprint and lessen your dependence on the grid?

If you already have Solar PV installed at your home or business, you are probably sending most of your generated energy back to grid. Some Countries have an export tariff that gives you a little financial compensation for this but it’s generally extremely low.

The combination of Solar battery storage (Solar PV plus Battery Storage) allows you to use your generated solar power, charge your battery with any excess power, and send additional back to the grid. The bigger the battery storage capacity, the more you store.

Rather than buying back the energy you’ve supplied the grid or power company, wouldn’t you prefer to use the stored energy in your battery and get the benefit yourself at a time that suits your lifestyle, day or night?

Now you can, with an innovative Solar Storage Battery from Soltaro.

Sleek designs and flexible, bespoke solar energy systems make Soltaro the only name in expandable Solar Battery Storage systems. Solutions for both home or commercial applications. Our batteries are lithium ion phosphate, giving you peace of mind on durability and safety.

Save money on your energy bills and store your unused electricity. Choose from a Hybrid battery or AC retro fit to your existing Solar system.

Moreover, there are so many models to choose from. Our expandable systems can grow as your family or energy needs expand. In particular, our intelligent back up energy storage systems can monitor your usage. In short, they can keep the lights on, should there be an interruption to your power supply. Particularly useful in countries or areas where grid stability is an issue.

Our expandable battery storage solutions can be housed inside or outside in a number of configurations so there really is an option to fit every home, regardless of which country you live in or what your power requirements are.

Why not contact one of our in-house experts today for advice on the system best suited to your needs?

Our expandable battery storage solutions can be housed inside or outside in a number of configurations. Contact one of our in-house experts for advice on the system best suited to your needs.

Why the all-in-one-ess?

Plug and play

Expandable storage

Expert engineering


Local and remote monitoring

Sleek, modern design

Clean energy

Powering your home

You may be thinking about investing in Solar panels. Or, you may already have Solar PV installed in your home. In either case, investing in a Battery Storage System from Soltaro allows you to power your home or business day or night. As a result of storing your unused generated power for use at a time that suits your lifestyle.

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How does it work?

Solar battery storage

Solar Battery Storage works by storing any excess unused power generated by your solar panels. By storing this power for when you want to use it, you will no longer be buying ‘back’ the excess power you sent to the grid when your solar was generating. Lower bills and less reliance on the grid. It’s that simple.

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Our Models

The Soltaro product range is constantly expanding. Check out our range of home and commercial battery storage models here.

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