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Soltaro’s ‘All In One’ combined energy storage system, the AIO2 is perfect for on or off grid living.

Batteries work harder when completely off grid, and many manufacturers’ systems simply aren’t up to the task. The number, or size of batteries needed to power your home depends on factors like that of Solar PV.

Unlike standard grid connected solar inverters, Soltaro AIO2 has an Emergency Power Mode which can use your panels and batteries during a blackout. Charge the battery (during the day) and at the same time supply power to run your house day and night.  Depending on how much energy your house uses and how much capacity your batteries have, your AIO2 will continually operate during a blackout.  Soltaro have a market leading power output for our Emergency Power Mode. Double that of other systems on the market meaning you can run more of your home and charge batteries faster.  

With so many homes unable to connect to a powergrid, it is an essential solution to a global problem.


AIO2 Features

  • Designed and Engineered in Australia
  • Local warranty and technical support
  • All in one, plug and play design
  • 5kW inverter and 5kWh and 10kWh LFP options
  • On Grid/Back up/Off Grid capability
  • Blackstart functionality
  • AC and DC Coupled options
  • 10 Year 10,000 cycle warranty


Off Grid Power

Where there is no means to grid power, Soltaro has gained reputation of being one of the most cost effective and reliable means of providing power to off grid homes, work sites and remote businesses.  

If the battery depletes over night, the system automatically restarts the next day when the sun hits the solar panels.  


    Off Grid Installation, Diamond Valley, AU

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    Soltaro offer both AC or DC Coupled systems to suit your needs – Explore our AC and DC Coupled Systems by visiting our products page


    Soltaro AIO with EV charger

    Soltaro AIO2

    We dare to be different!

    In addition to utilizing a PV-Battery DC charger, the AIO2 is also able to be AC coupled to existing solar. This means that the battery can be charged, not only from your new Soltaro solar system, but also from any excess power generated from your existing solar system. 

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