Virtual Storage Technology

Virtual Storage Battery Technology

Virtual Storage Technology is the latest innovation from Soltaro. It will revolutionise the way you use your battery storage.

Typically, a battery warranty is stated as  XX Years / XX Charging Cycles warranty, however, what does this actually mean? A cycle refers to the amount of times the battery is charged and discharged before reaching the end of its functional life and begins to degrade. Most batteries will have a charging cycle warranty between 5,000 and 10,000 charging cycles. In reality, many won’t be able to achieve anywhere near the warrantied amount of cycles advertised. Thus, are you really getting the stored power you are paying for?

What is Battery Energy Throughput?

Battery Energy Throughput is the total energy a battery is expected to store deliver throughout its lifespan. Essentially, it’s lifetime use. Battery lifespans are often referred to as ‘Charging Cycles’ within Battery manufacturers specification. Charging Cycles can dramatically vary depending on the chemistry used within the battery. A low end battery such as lead. Acid may have a cycle life of around 1,000 cycles. Whereas a lithium ion phosphate (LFP) battery such as the Soltaro AIO2, will have a ‘warrantied’ cycle life between 6,000 and 10,000 charging cycles.

Soltaro comparisson chart for Virtual Energy in Battery StorageComparison chart against other manufacturers – website source

Read more about virtual storage here.

Soltaro AIO2 is different.

Soltaro have developed innovative hardware to allow you to fully reach your batteries full potential with multiple daily charging. We call it Virtual Storage Capacity™, The ability to use multiple cycles per day. Allowing you to maximise your storage, at over 20.5kWh per day in useable stored power. Moreover, there is no down side. Your battery warranty lifespan won’t shorten. In fact, you are able to reach the full lifespan of your battery, with over double the useable daily stored energy of most comparable batteries. 


AIO2 Features

  • Up to 20.54 KwH Virtual Storage Capacity
  • Designed and Engineered in Australia
  • Twice Daily Charging Capacity
  • 5kW inverter and 5kWh and 10kWh LFP options
  • On Grid/Back up/Off Grid capability
  • AC and DC Coupled options
  • 10 Year 10,000 cycle warranty


Virtual Storage Technology

This clever technology allows for a much more fluid energy use. For example: Battery is charged overnight on a low tariff, ready for discharge in the morning, when your household is waking and getting ready to face the day. When the sun rises mid morning, your battery starts charging again from your solar panels, and is ready to go when your family arrive home in the evening. Double the storage with no downside.

Most batteries do not have this ability. But the Soltaro AIO range does. By doubling your throughput energy storage by means of ‘virtual storage’, you are lengthening the lifespan and storage capacity of your battery. A ‘need to know’ if you are in the market for a new piece of kit. 



    Is your battery reaching its true potential? The AIO2 does.

    In addition to utilizing a PV-Battery DC charger, the AIO2 is also able to be AC coupled to existing solar. This means that the battery can be charged, not only from your new Soltaro solar system, but also from any excess power generated from your existing solar system. 

    Soltaro offer both AC or DC Coupled systems to suit your needs – Explore our AC and DC Coupled Systems by visiting our products page.

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