Why USB Rechargeable Batteries?

Rechargeable over 300 times
1.5 V
Type C USB Cable Included
Full Charge 1 Hour

Soltaro USB Rechargeable Batteries

USB Type-C charging is so much more convenient. No traditional charger is required and in 2 hours they will fully recharge from empty. With up to 1200 cycles of charge and discharge and built-in double protection chip to prevent charging under fault condition.

Available as AA or AAA, The battery capacity per discharge cycle is comparable to the full lifecycle of a standard single use battery. With 1200 recharge cycles, there are long lasting an defficient.

Comes complete with 2 charging cables for your convenience. They can last up to 2 years without use before needing to recharge and don’t need to be recharged to full to be useable again.

With approx. 4200 tonnes of battery wastage isn’t it time you swapped from traditional batteries to a USB Rechargeable alternative?

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