Qendercore Smart Software

Qendercore is THE software solution to allow intelligent management and use of excess solar energy in this way.

It takes away the frustration of energy management,  increasing energy bill savings. Our intelligent software is combined with your solar and battery system to create an entire unique home energy management system. Combine your Soltaro Battery & Solar with Qendercore to manage your excess Solar & control your appliances automatically.


Qendercore is THE software solution to allow intelligent

management and use of excess solar energy in this way.

Maximise efficiency and lower costs using excess Solar and Soltaro Battery Storage to power your appliances at the most efficient time.

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Unlike other “Smart Devices”, Qendercore technology intelligently communicates and utilises excess solar energy to power your home.

It will determine when there is excess solar and turn on appliances in your home based on the profiles you create. In conjunction with your Soltaro battery system, our smart energy system will determine when there is excess solar. It will then start turning on appliances in your home based on the parameters set by the home owner.


Qendercore Features

> Lower bills

 > More control over electricity usage

 > Auto or manual profiles – you choose

 > Learn & adapt to maximise your savings

 > Enhanced data security


Revolutionary Software

This revolutionary software takes smart home management to the next level with the integration of your solar energy and battery storage.

We give the user the ability to control electricity usage via a web interface or mobile app and control how power is flowing between your devices and the grid.

When combined with your smart devices, Qendercore software will assign excess solar to the devices requiring energy so that you have better control over power usage in your home, fully utilising all that free daytime electricity that would normally go straight back to the grid.

If you’d like to know more about Qendercore and the difference it can make to your Solar Battery Storage, please contact us at [email protected] or click here to go to our contact page.

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