Switching to Electric

Making the change to Electric

With so much in the news about carbon emissions, the time to switch to electric has never been more important. However, going to all electric living may sound a little daunting until you get to grips with the key facts.


Using natural gas or other fossil fuels is simply not sustainable. Emissions and gases released into the atmosphere are damaging our health and our planet. Understanding the facts about what health risks you are taking simply by using a gas hob make for interesting reading. Find out more here.

The numbers speak for themselves:


Read more about switching to electric here.


If you’re making an investment in your future by switching to electric, then you need more motivation than purely environmental. However motivated we are from climate change, most are conscious of ever increasing energy bills too.

By making the switch to electric, you will save money on your bills. Quite a lot of money its fair to say. An average Australian household is likely to save around $570 per annum* by switching to electric split heating alone. Hot Water Heat Pumps are much cheaper to run than their Gas counterparts. A good quality hot water heat pump like the one from Soltaro may reduce your bills by over $300 annually* compared to a gas system.


Heating or cooling a room effectively is also important. The sooner the room is heated to the required temperature, the more efficient the system is. A split AC system can raise the room temperature by 1 degree using 10kWh, whilst a gas heater will only increase the temperature by 0.3 degree using the same energy output.

Electric induction hobs are faster too, most boiling a litre of water in 2.37 minutes, compared to 4 or more minutes when using gas.

Small changes add up to big savings when switching to electric.

Of course, you may want to take it even further. With the introduction of solar panels to utilise and harness solar power, or a solar storage battery like the AIO2 to store excess solar. You really can make a significant difference to both the environment and your pocket.

Going electric with your car will also make a staggering difference to the environment with clean, green power. And if you have made the change, using a storage battery and solar pv will make your all electric home even more rounded with less need to draw energy from the grid. Soltaro’s EV Charger, ASHP & AC all use excess solar to power them making your home a truly integrated smart home.

Making the switch has never been easier. Go all electric today.

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Source information & credits*


Switching on study – Monash Climate change Communication Research Hub

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