Blackstart Technology

Blackstart Technology

Blackstart technology by definition, is the method of restarting power after a power outage. This term is generally used by the larger power grids in order to jumpstart the power without relying on the external grid.

How does Blackstart relate to batteries?

With Solar Storage Batteries such as the Soltaro AIO2, the inclusion of blackstart technology ensures you are not left in the dark if a power outage happens.

Many Solar Storage Batteries only have the power stored before the outage happens. As soon as the power outage happens, the stored power is depleted. For most, they are unable to recharge without the grid restarting or an external source of power, such as a generator.

The Soltaro AIO2 is able to recharge as soon as the sun shines again with no need for external power source or the grid to restart. In short, a true solution for power outage or living off grid.

AIO2 Features

  • Up to 20.54 KwH Virtual Storage Capacity
  • Blackstart Technology
  • Designed and Engineered in Australia
  • Twice Daily Charging Capacity
  • Perfect for EV Charging
  • Expandable Storage
  • 5kW inverter and 5kWh and 10kWh LFP options
  • On Grid/Back up/Off Grid capability
  • AC and DC Coupled options
  • 10 Year 10,000 cycle warranty

Many Western Countries are lucky enough not to have outages that last for days, but it can happen. In the UK alone, many winter storms have caused power outages in rural areas that can last for weeks. Or the recent storms in Victoria, Australia earlier this year

This is where blackstart technology comes into its own.

Fast transition ensures that you only have a millisecond between a power outage happening and the battery kicking in to power your home.

With expandable storage that can ramp up to as much as 5 modules, you can easilt expand your system if you ever need to. And not forgetting about Soltaro’s innovative virtual storage hardware. This innovation gives you daily useable power of up to 20.54 kWh. This is almost double that of comparable batteries. Unlike many competitors, Soltaro batteries are designed to use multiple charging cycles per day. Very useful in a power outage where you may need more than one daily charging cycle!

Find out more about virtual storage here.

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