Soltaro Air Conditioning keeps you cool

Soltaro AC comes with a host of features to keep your home or business at a comfortable temperature. With Self cleaning technology and a four way swing, you can achieve an even temperature throughout your home. The 4 in 1 filter removes up to 90% of air particulates removing dust and odour to keep your home fresh. The ceiling and floor airflow help to achieve maximum comfort alongside the fast cooling and low energy consumption.

Advanced control technology and a high quality silent motor. The IDU achieves better airflow distribution and significant airflow without increasing sound level or power consumption. Ultra low noise level in achieved in quiet mode.

Fast cooling using QSD rapid inverter startup technology allows the compressor can reach its highest frequency in a short time achieving fast cooling. This allows users to cool down in the shortest time after turning the unit on.

On shutdown, the Soltaro Air Conditioner will continue running for 30 seconds to dry the evaporator and other internal components to assist in the prevention of mould and mildew growth.

The 12 part filter contains 12 single filtration sections to assist in increased dust extraction, air sterilisation, airborne virus and bacteria removal in addition to extracting odours from circulating air.

Why Soltaro AC?

4 in 1 filter

Anti Bacterial Fins


4D Auto Swing (Ceiling & Floor Airflow)


Insect Proof & High Temperature Resistant

all-in-one height:70%

Quiet ‘Split’ Hot & Cold Unit


Air Purification Function


Evaporator Self Clean & Fast Cooling


Wifi & Voice Control

Soltaro AC & Qendercore

The Soltaro Smart AC is the best device to optimise solar self-consumption as well as negative grid tariffs. Normally in the summer solar batteries are fully charged before lunch time and therefore most of your solar generation for the rest of the day is exported to the grid for little benefit for the end user or energy retailer. This device is also the biggest consumer of electricity when everyone arrives home from their daily activities.

Qendercore will start turning on your ACs during the day to keep your house cool by using only excess solar and negative grid tariffs. It will also block out those 5 minute blocks where spot prices are extremely high by only changing the unit temperature temporarily. This will have minimal effect on the room temperature as once that block has finished the set temperature will return back to normal.


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Soltaro are leading innovators and our smart Air Conditioning is no exception. Our whole house approach to electrifying your home put us at the forefront of smart electric, energy solutions. If you want to learn more about our smart Air Conditioning unit, please get in touch with one of our team today.


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The 4D auto swing is the multidirectional airflow from your AC unit so that it heats or cools the full room rather than directional spots. A more efficient airflow.

Split AC (air conditioning) units are designed to heat or cool your home as required so that you always reach the perfect temperature.

Yes! Soltaro AC Units are designed to utilise excess solar through their smart software. Easy programmable behaviours to ensure you make the most of excess 'solar' to power your AC and get the perfect temperature using minimal or no grid power.

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