AC Coupled Systems

AC Coupled – Off Grid

Slightly less efficient than their DC counterparts they do have other advantages. Off Grid AC Coupled Systems have cost efficiencies at scale and are more effective at powering high AC loads throughout the day.

Generally used for larger scale off grid systems they use a string inverter alongside a hybrid or multi mode inverter. These are typically easier to set up with the potential to be expanded using multiple solar inverters to become micro grids.


  • When used through the day, they achieve higher efficiency to power AC appliances such as air conditioning, pool pumps and hot water systems.
  • Cost efficiencies for large scale systems over 6kW
  • Ability to use multiple string solar systems across different locations (AC coupled microgrids)
  • When used above 3kW with multi-MPPT inputs, panels can be installed at differing orientations and tilt angles.


  • Lower efficiency for battery charging – usually around 92%
  • Solar inverters can be expensive to replace for smaller systems
  • Will achieve lower efficiency if powering direct DC loads throughout day


AC Coupled Off Grid Illustration
DC Represented in Orange / AC Represented in Blue

AC Coupled – Grid Tied

Historically used in larger off grid systems, advancements in technology in recent years has seen a new evolution in battery storage with AC Coupled Batteries used in many grid connected homes. This technology allows those with existing solar the opportunity to retro fit an AC coupled battery alongside their new or existing Solar. 

Don’t be fooled though. They are both AC but designed for very different purposes. On grid, rather than off grid, AC coupled batteries of this type are not typically powerful enough for off grid applications or to run a home in its entirety. Some may even struggle to handle multiple appliances so thorough research is always recommended. However, as they are smaller and compact in design, Systems tend to be modular and very easy to expand if storage needs grow.


  • Can be retrofitted to homes with existing solar systems
  • Simple to install
  • Low cost – economical way to add energy storage
  • Expandable and modular – system can be expanded If required


  • Not usually suitable for off grid applications
  • Lower efficiency due to conversions from DC to AC to DC at around 90%
  • Some AC Batteries cannot provide back-up power supply during grid outages
AC Coupled - Grid Tied Illustration
DC Represented in Orange / AC Represented in Blue

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Soltaro offer both AC or DC Coupled systems to suit your needs – Explore our AC and DC Coupled Systems by visiting our products page

Soltaro AIO with EV charger

Soltaro AIO2

We dare to be different!

In addition to utilizing a PV-Battery DC charger, the AIO2 is also able to be AC coupled to existing solar. This means that the battery can be charged, not only from your new Soltaro solar system, but also from any excess power generated from your existing solar system. 

Read more about the benefits of the Soltaro AIO2 ESS.

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