Powering your home

Powering your home isn’t probably at the forefront of your mind. For most of us, electricity is something we take for granted and grumble when our bills rise year on year.

Renewable technology has been around for some time now and the technology has vastly improved over the last 2 decades, bringing with it cost efficiencies and vastly improved performance. No longer is it simply reserved for the ‘off grid’ homes who have no alternative or those who simply choose to live without mains power. 

Thinking about Solar?

So, you may be thinking about powering your home by investing in Solar panels. Or, you may already have Solar PV installed in your home. Either way, investing in a Battery Storage System from Soltaro takes your initial investment to the next step, unlocking the potential from all the lovely generated solar power.

Rather than the ‘use it or lose it’ scenario, that standalone Solar offers by sending your unused power back to the grid, the simple addition of a storage battery allows you to power your home or business day or night. It stores your excess, unused generated power, for use at a time that suits your lifestyle. 

This simple addition of a battery can save a vast amount on your energy bills.

Powering your home with Soltaro Battery Storage

A Soltaro battery is designed and tested to ensure reliability and performance. Moreover, we achieve the optimum adoption of the most technically advanced equipment available to the domestic Solar market internationally.

Soltaro Storage batteries come with a 10 year / 10,000 charging cycle warranty and are manufactured using lithium ion phosphate, the safest battery chemistry available in the marketplace today.

Plug and Play technology for fast, mess free installations.

Our sleek designed units are easily installed into your home within a few hours so you can see the benefits and start saving immediately. 

We offer a range of battery size and specification to suit your individual needs. Finally, powering your home with clean renewable energy has never mattered more. 

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