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Our models and product range are constantly evolving and growing. Soltaro ensure that every model is tailored to exacting standards and built to last. Which is why, all our batteries come with a 10 year or 10,000 charging cycle warranty.

Our systems are designed to be plug and play. Fast, mess free installation ensures that you can benefit immediately. Moreover, you can monitor your battery and energy savings with our remote app.

Expandable storage is a key factor with Soltaro battery products storage solutions. Our systems are designed to suit any space, in any location. Not convinced? Give us a call and one of our in-house experts will advise on the best system for your home or business.

We design and manufacture our systems. That means both major components of the battery and inverter.

The benefit to you is that they speak to each other seamlessly. No more software issues which can be common with other manufacturers.

Are you just starting out on your ‘battery storage’ journey or maybe looking for the right energy storage solution for your home, business or project? We can take you through the process and help you select the most efficient and effective storage options for your needs. Soltaro battery products help you maximise your investment in renewable energy.

Check out our range below or drop us a line at [email protected] today.


Start saving that excess energy and save on your energy bills. Store and use it at a time that suits you with one of the domestic range of battery storage systems from Soltaro.



Does your business need to lower its energy bills? Soltaro offer a commercial range to suit any requirements with the support of our project team to find the best solution for you.


What Solar plus Storage could do for you.

Want to lower your dependence on the grid. How about spending less on electricity for your home or business? Stop sending your generated solar back to the grid. Why not store it instead? Power your home with stored energy at a time that suits your needs, day or night.

By adding a battery storage solution from Soltaro you’ll revolutionise the way you think about energy. A simple addition that will make all the difference to your energy management. Designed to fit in with you and your lifestyle, our systems are built to IP65 standard so you can install them indoors or outdoors.

Our models are developed with ease of use and efficiency in mind. Take our stunning All in One 2. This streamlined, contemporary battery and inverter combined system is the ideal addition any home. It can be installed alongside your existing solar system for a complete Solar plus Storage solution or as part of a new complete system. All our combined battery solutions come with the following specification as standard.

Find out more about our models and which is right for you by clicking here.

  • 10 Year Warranty or 10,000 Charging Cycles
  • Compact Design with Whisper Quiet Technology
  • Designed for ‘On’ or Off Grid living
  • Plug and Play Technology
  • Seamless Blackout Protection
  • Safest in class – LFP Chemistry
  • IP65 rated – perfect for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Australian Designed and Engineered
  • Expandable Storage – Our battery storage can grow with you
  • Remote and Local Technical Support and Aftercare
  • Sustainable energy storage for your home or business
  • Stock held locally in counties throughout the world

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