Virtual Storage – the facts

9th April 2024

What is Virtual Storage Capacity™ and why is it important?

You will hear lots about virtual storage capacity when it comes to battery storage from Soltaro. This new take on energy storage is creating a buzz in the storage sector and for good reason.

Most batteries come with 5 or 10 year warranty alongside a charging cycle. Your warranty is based on which you reach first. The Soltaro AIO2 however comes with a 10 Year / 10,000 Charging Cycle warranty. But this means something very different in terms of how much useable energy you can generate on a daily basis when compared to other manufacturers.

Let’s talk about storage and why virtual storage is something to look out for. Most batteries can charge & discharge once daily. In reality this means that should your needs exceed this, you’re out of luck or your warranty is affected and shortened.

Graph detailing Soltaro's Virtual Storage Capacity vs Competitors

Virtual storage. Soltaro are key innovators in this field. Our innovative battery module design allows for the extra charge & discharge without shortening your warranty or cycle life. We have designed our battery module to increase the number of daily cycles Sounds exciting huh?

How is it different?

Soltaro’s innovative battery module design allows multiple charging and discharging per day without affecting your warranty. In fact we actively encourage twice daily charging! Our batteries are truly flexible as you can charge & discharge more than once every 24 hours. More storage for you, at approx. 20.5kWh stored energy per day. More than 2 times a standard comparable battery.

The ‘virtual’ storage capacityTM makes for a seriously punchy storage capacity on a daily basis too as you are getting much more stored energy from your battery.

Make your battery work for you.

How? For example, your battery is charged in the afternoon and you expend the stored energy in the evening when the household arrives home from work or school. Your battery can only charge once every 24 hours, so it can potentially be very limiting. Virtual storage allows for multiple charging and discharging throughout the day, without affecting ‘warranty’ life. This is based on Battery Energy Throughput and is why we feel is a much clearer way to explain how to get the most from your storage.

This clever technology allows for a much more fluid energy use. For example, Battery is charged overnight on a low tariff, ready for discharge in the morning, when your household is waking and getting ready to face the day. When the sun rises mid morning, your battery starts charging again and is full and ready to go when your family arrive home in the evening. Double the storage with no downside.

The Virtual Storage Technology has been designed by Soltaro and in cluded in our AIO range. By doubling your throughput energy storage by means of ‘virtual storage’, you are increasing the storage capacity of your battery without shortening your warranty. A ‘need to know’ if you are in the market for a new piece of kit.

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