Qendercore Smart Home Solution

16th February 2024

What is the Qendercore Smart Home Solution?

You have heard us mention the Qendercore smart home in many of our articles, literature and advertising. However, you may not know exactly what it is and why it is so revolutionary in its purpose.

In this article, we’d like to give you an insight into what Qendercore is, what is does, and more importantly how it can a huge difference to your wallet.

Background of Qendercore

We recruited the best and brightest with decades of experience and knowledge in software development from the electronic and technology sectors. Combined with our in-house search & development team, we understand the renewable sector like no other. We created a super team. We stripped smart technology back to the foundations. In short, we re-designed how we wanted smart tech to function, paying particular attention to home energy storage and the role it plays.

The Qendercore Concept

We wanted to design software that could manage and revolutionise the way we use stored and used energy. Software that is artificially intelligent. Self learning capabilities in order to create the most effective and efficient means to use home appliances such as air conditioning, heating and hot water systems.

Moreover, by setting profiles & behaviours, you can automatically schedule the maximum cost efficiency. Your home can be automatically heated or cooled when power is cheaper (e.g. during the day if solar power generation is strong rather than feeding back to the grid).

The Qendercore Smart Home Solution is designed to enhance the following:

All through the clever smart technology at the heart of your Soltaro Energy Storage System.

By using the Qendercore software, you’ll be able to set behaviours and profiles, take advantage of best cost tariff and of course, utilise your battery storage to its absolute maximum.

The result is a truly smart home that use energy wisely, ever more important in todays world of increasingly high energy costs.

The Solution

Qendercore is THE software solution to allow intelligent management and use of excess solar energy in this way. In short, it will change the way you think about energy forever.

It really is the software you can’t be without if you want a truly smart home when it comes to how you use your energy. It comes as standard within our AIO2 range of home energy storage systems. We want every home to benefit from this outstanding piece of breakthrough technology. We hope we can inspire many homes to find out how Qendercore and Soltaro can benefit you.

Drop us a line at [email protected] if you want to know more.

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