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10th October 2023

Time to go green & cut carbon – the electric way

By going ‘All Electric’ you are embracing the future of energy. Losing the gas fired appliances and switching to electric is the fast way to cut your carbon emissions. By ‘electrifying your home’, you are lowering your energy bills as well as your carbon emissions.

Clean, solar powered energy.

Embracing solar is a huge change you can make toward going green. Usually environmentally friendly choices may come at a price or trade off for efficiency or functionality. Not so with Solar, especially when paired with a Solar battery. With the Soltaro smart range you can make even bigger changes to maximise your excess solar for even greater control and savings.

However, embracing solar power isn’t the only step.

Lose the gas fired heating and go with heat pump technology. Say goodbye to uncomfortable temperature year-round. No more freezing rooms or sweltering when the temperature soars. An even, constant temperature will keep your home just how you like it. With an estimated 3.2 tonnes of C02 saved when you switch to electric heating, it’s a great move toward positive climate change too.

What about cooking? Swap out your gas hob or oven for an electric alternative.

Healthy Air, Healthy Living

Eliminating fossil fuels will increase air quality. Natural gas from gas stoves has been proven to raise the risk of asthma in children by almost 12.5%.

Switching to an electric hob powered by clean, solar energy cuts the risk of air pollution, ensuring your home and family have a healthy environment.

Switching to all electric ran by solar could make a significant contribution to the environment too. Low carbon generation from solar could reduce emissions by a massive 79%. That could save approximately 1.25 tonnes of C02 per year for an average home.

Getting to grips with EV’s

An obvious change is swapping to an electric vehicle. However,with serious governmental targets to reduce emissions on our roads, it is estimated that 1 in 6 cars will be electric by 2030. Moreover, when you consider that an Electric Vehicle can save up to 0.9 tonnes of C02 per year. It’s a smart and inexpensive way to get you moving.

Size matters!

Ensuring you have the correct sized solar system and battery for your home and lifestyle is paramount. We will help you to design the right system for your needs and lifestyle. Don’t forget your storage battery can always be expanded if your needs grow in the future creating a truly future proof solution.

Get started

Our free in-home evaluation gives you a 360 degree look at the energy your home uses and more importantly, where you can switch. And, what you can save.

We will create a proposal tailored to you, that will show just how small changes can make a big difference. Simply by swapping to electric.

Evaluation – Design – Installation

No hassle or pressure. We are there to advise, and if you do decide to make some changes. We are on hand to design your new electric lifestyle and install it. As we look after the whole process, you have peace of mind with our customer satisfaction guarantee throughout the entire process.

Future proof your home with the Soltaro Home Smart Range

Overall, a whole house solution. Soltaro products are designed to work together to give you complete home energy storage and management. Combined with our software to maximise your excess solar and power your devices at the most economical times.

Designed by our Australian team, this unique smart software maximises excess or stored power, to power your home and lower your bills.

Simple set up and adaptive parameters to utilise solar, powering your home and smart devices at the most efficient times.

Solar – PV > Solar – Battery (AIO2 – All-in-One 2) > Qendercore (smart software)

  • EV Charger
  • Heating
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pool Pumps
  • Smart Devices (Washing Machine etc)

Soltaro products work seamlessly together and our energy storage can be expanded to grow with you.

A simple, smart and effective future proof way to electrify your home.

Learn more at www.soltaro.com

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