Is it a good time to go electric?

13th June 2024

Headlines about switching from gas to electric are constantly in the media these days but is it a good time to go electric?

Making the switch to electric

Switching from gas to electric means more than changing how we power our cars and homes. It’s about tapping into the future of energy. Using electric, powered by renewable sources like solar, decreases CO2 emissions and can mark where personal responsibility for the planet starts. With tech like Soltaro’s battery storage, the shift is not just sustainable but smart. Store solar energy during the day, use it any time, reducing grid dependence and energy bills. Let’s take the step towards cleaner energy together.

Heating and cooking are the big hitters when it comes to use of fossil fuels in the home. By swapping out gas for electric you will have a healthier home and you will save a significant amount on your energy bills too. Electric appliances are much cheaper to run. Check out another article here which details the cost savings you could make.

By introducing sustainable technologies such as solar panels combined with solar battery storage, you can make even bigger savings. Soltaro’s Virtual Storage Technology™ ensures that you can use multiple charging cycles per day. This is a game changer as many manufacturers will penalise your warranty if you charge from the grid on a cheap overnight tariff in addition to using the excess solar throughout the day.

Extra charging cycles means extra storage, which in conjunction with our smart software Qendercore, allows for the ultimate efficient management of your home’s energy.

Transitioning from gas to electric encapsulates more than change

It heralds an evolution towards a sustainable future. By choosing Soltaro, this journey becomes not just feasible but streamlined. Moreover, allowing for the seamless integration of sustainable energy solutions that not only secure financial savings, but also significantly diminish your environmental impact.

Engineered to work in harmony with electric infrastructures, Soltaro’s advanced solar battery storage options promise uninterrupted power supply, ensuring you enjoy both daylight and night time energy independence whilst simultaneously slashing monthly energy expenditures. Opting for cleaner energy sources becomes not just simple but an informed choice for a greener tomorrow. Welcome to a brighter, cleaner future with confidence.

Did we mention it definitely is a good time to go electric?

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