The Energy Bill Ladder Take Back Control

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The Energy Bill Ladder Take Back Control

Lower your energy bill for life.

We all like to control our own destiny, so why not our energy bill?

Saving money on electricity bills is a much talked about subject in the media with shock headlines and stats but electricity is a necessary part of our daily lives and we’d struggle to live without it. We take this invisible energy for granted and only really think about where it comes from when we have a power cut, which is fairly rare or when our energy bill lands on the doormat.

The truth is the current grid infrastructure in many countries is hugely overextended and with our ever increasing reliance on technology to get us through the day, it’s struggling to meet our power demands.

The electricity supply grid was never designed to cope with the increasing population, power demands or logistics and as such Governments from all over the world look towards different ways to lower our dependence on the grid with many backing renewable, self generated energy as the answer.

Could you live without your smart phone, lighting, heating, TV or kettle?

Probably not and you aren’t alone. Because of our increasing demand on this valuable resource we’ve seen a steady rise in energy bills year on year with an increase of approx. 164% since 2003.

With inflation rising at an average of around 2.6% over the last 3 years, compare this against your electric bill increase average, which over the same time scale hits an average of around 8%.

So, how do we take back control?

We’ve all heard about becoming more energy efficient. Smart meters, turning devices off when not is use, never leaving anything on standby and of course led lightbulbs, which are incidentally a huge energy saver.

These measures will lower your energy bill a little, but to truly get control you’ll need to lower your ‘grid’ dependence and go a step further. By adding Solar panels to your home your reliance on the grid drops by approx. 26%. By adding a Solar Storage Battery in to mix, you are generating around 76% of your own energy. Good news for you and the grid.

The market for home Solar Battery Storage is growing at an incredible rate and with the substantial ‘future proof’ savings that come with generating, storing and using your own electricity, you’ll start to see a difference the moment the system goes live.

Saving money on your electric bills doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. With plug and play technology and the safest class of Battery Storage on the market with a 10 year or 10,000 charging cycle warranty you’ll have a system that is designed to last.

Why not have a chat with one of the team at Soltaro to see what a difference it could make to your family, home and more importantly, bank balance.

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