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Business energy savings from Soltaro

Business Energy Bills – Cut them now

22nd May 2019
Why your business needs to invest in Battery Storage to cut energy bills? At Soltaro, we like to challenge the norm by constantly evolving. Thus we are constantly expanding our battery storage range. We are looking at even more effective ways to store energ...
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Australian home with PV and Soltaro ESS

Victoria Battery Rebate 2023

14th May 2019
Powering your home with the help of the Victoria Battery Rebate The Victoria Solar battery rebate is almost at an end. The Scheme in Victoria has supported eligible households to install a Solar Battery. The rebate encourages households to install a home b...
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All-in-One ESS Hybrid Battery Solution

Soltaro All-in-One ESS Hybrid Battery Solution Already a Winner

1st May 2019
Australia’s favourite Solar Battery, now in the UK Australian designed and engineered, Soltaro All-in-One ESS Hybrid Battery Solution has been launched. Soltaro has been a firm favourite with the locals for some years. Recently launched in the UK, Soltaro a...
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