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Rising Business Energy Costs?

16th May 2022
News broke recently about rising domestic and business energy cost rises and we all started talking. Fluctuations in Business energy costs are nothing new. However, the current economic climate and the war in Ukraine are all taking a toll. Wholesale ene...
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Solar plus Storage - Soltaro AIO2

Why Solar plus Storage?

13th April 2022
You may notice we talk about Solar plus Storage. If you’re not familiar with the phrase you may not fully realise how it can benefit your home, family or pocket. What is Solar plus Storage?  Solar PV, Solar Panels or Solar Photovoltaic Panels ar...
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How can I make my home energy efficient?

23rd March 2022
Recently, energy saving has hit the headlines. Rocketing energy prices have seen the biggest price increases in years. The ‘heat’ vs ‘eat’ question has once again been raised.  We all need to be asking ourselves how we can make our home more energy...
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What is the safest solar battery?

9th February 2022
What is the safest solar battery? Home battery storage is gaining popularity because of its simplicity. Easy to purchase, fit, monitor and use. It’s an easy way to maximise excess Solar power. However, most of us aren’t battery experts. Many want to und...
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Why are my electric bills so high?

5th January 2022
With frightening predictions in the media lately, we all all wondering 'Why are my electric bills so high?'. Electricity prices are rising globally. No surprise there. However, in countries like South Africa, they have skyrocketed over the last de...
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Are Solar Batteries good for load shedding

Are Solar batteries good for load shedding?

13th December 2021
Here at Soltaro, we answer many questions about blackout protection. In particular if Solar Batteries are any good for load shedding. With so many different brands of batteries it can be a little confusing. We want to talk through the essential facts ab...
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Are Solar Batteries Worth it?

11th November 2021
One in 5 Australian households have already invested in Solar PV. But are Solar Batteries worth it? By installing a Solar Battery, you can utilise almost every kWh of energy your Solar PV produces. Rather than sending all that power back to the grid, st...
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Rising Energy prices

Energy Prices are rising…

15th October 2021
…but what we can do about it? Serious concerns have been raised about rising Energy Prices this Winter. With wholesale gas prices increasing by a massive 250%, it’s no wonder that the public are worried.  How has it happened? A cold European winte...
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Tiny Homes with Solar plus Battery Storage

Small Houses or Tiny Homes?

20th September 2021
Curious about Tiny Homes? What is this movement that is gaining so much popularity across the world? What exactly is a Tiny Home? A Tiny House is a fully functional dwelling, typically under 600sq.ft. Sometimes also referred to as THOW (tiny house on...
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Everything you ever wanted to know about Solar Storage but were afraid to ask…

6th September 2021
Are you thinking about investing in Solar Storage? Confused about all the mixed messaged across the internet? Well, quite frankly we’re not surprised. There are so many companies talking about why their battery is worth your hard earned cash. But are yo...
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