Off-Grid home – The value you don’t see

7th May 2021

Powering an off-grid home

We recently attended an off-grid home installation for our new Soltaro All-in-One 2. Nothing technically different from hundreds of other off-grid installations.  However, what made this unique was the owner Ben, his wife and their young family. 

They built their dream, sustainable country home on a rural plot of land donated by the parents. Thoroughly embracing the lifestyle and all it has to offer. Growing their own produce and raising their young family. All in the most beautiful surroundings, the Australian Sunshine Coast hinterland.  

When it came to powering this sustainable home, they initially used 12v car batteries and foldable solar panels. The very basics of comfortable living revolved around what they could power off their rudimentary power system.

Ben had been looking at various off-grid home solutions based on his budget and power requirements. Sadly most prices were well out of reach for the power capabilities they wanted.  Thats when he contacted Dwayne from Instyle Solar. Dwyane was able to offer them a solution that was perfect!  

Soltaro Approved Partners – installers you can trust

Having signed up to become an approved partner of Soltaro in early 2021. Dwayne and his team went through the accreditation process to become a trusted part of our extended team of partners. His main question for Soltaro was in regard to our systems off-grid capability.  With hundreds of Soltaro All-in-One Gen 1 systems already powering off-grid applications, there was no hesitation. We knew our new AIO2 would exceed the customers’ expectations and be on budget.

Ben and his family jumped at the AIO2 offering as it provided the power they needed and fit with his budget. All agreed, installation was booked for the following fortnight.

As it was Instyle’s first ‘Soltaro install’, they asked one of our team to join them on site. The installation was fast and although we’d joined them on site. Our guy was simply a bystander though. His skills weren’t required due to the straightforward ‘plug and play’ nature of the install!

The final connections were in place and the system turned on for the first time. A momentous occasion where the whole family cheered! Their sustainable home coming to life for the first time. Lights, fans, refrigerator, television and the water pump waiting dormant for over a year, now had power.

Finally, enough to power their home properly!

As Dwayne and his crew stood back to watch this lovely family have usable power for the first time, it felt a little emotional for everyone. We take the simple things like powering our home, for granted and it was humbling to be a part of this very special occasion.

The slab of concrete was laid to mark the position of the system. The hand prints and names of Ben’s kids now embedded in the stone. A permanent marker for the next chapter of their sustainable off-grid home.  

Soltaro’s passion is to produce well designed, powerful systems to empower generations of sustainable living. It was days like this that make our Energy Storage journey so rewarding. 

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