Post Lockdown – The New Normal

post lockdown - view over London
27th May 2020

As this article is written, many countries post lockdown, are gradually relaxing restrictions. Strategic plans are in place to see a level of normality returning.

Italians, who have been in strict lockdown for the longest period, finally see the benefit of their sacrifice. The number of cases are finally low enough to allow relaxation of the restrictions. Thankfully, allowing some businesses to re-open and families to re-connect.

Australia and New Zealand have almost eradicated the virus and continue to monitor, trace and test. For the most part, allowing normal life to resume.

The UK is still some way behind Spain, Italy and other European Countries. But, are also expected to relax rules over the coming weeks. This will hopefully allow a little more flexibility with the expectation of a new normality by Autumn.

The post lockdown cost.

The emotional cost has been high for so many with loneliness a huge factor. This is the case especially for the elderly, or those who live alone, or suffer with mental health issues. The virus has been utterly devastating for those who have lost family and loved ones.

There has however, been an outpouring of support, good deeds and a feeling of ‘togetherness’. The use of technology to keep in touch, educate, support and entertain has been overwhelmingly useful and in most cases, very positive. In such times, that feeling of positivity in such dire circumstances has given us all a little perspective on the really important things. 

Business as usual?

Sadly, the financial and economic fallout is now the crisis in hand. Some businesses have kept afloat with government support. Furlough payments have helped to avoid redundancies or loans. Many businesses will continue to feel the effects and may not survive the post ‘Covid 19’ landscape. Industries such as leisure and tourism are suffering and are hitting the news in these unprecedented times. 

The changes we’ve made, and continue to make, to keep businesses going, will be in place for some time too. Working from home for many was a real eye opener at first. We’ve learnt that with a bit of structure and organisation, not only can it be done, but in many cases, productivity increases. That, of course, is aside from the obvious financial or environmental gains from the lack of travelling and so forth.

The new normal.

The continuation of home working is likely to be with us for some time, but there are many Industries and roles where this simply isn’t an option. Safe working practices will be in place for the foreseeable future. Expect continued social distancing, sufficient supply of PPE and strict interaction rules.

Businesses running at reduced capacity with less staff, will help to coax the economy back over a period of time. Business owners, however, will continue to take the brunt of this as all the additional measures to ensure our safety come at a cost. 

Our lives have changed and will continue to, as there is no immediate ‘ back to normal’ for anyone. As we all see start to see a little light at the end of the tunnel, the sacrifices of those at the front line become ever more worthwhile

Whilst the world recovers and adapts for post lockdown life. Please, be patient, be kind, social distance and most importantly stay safe. 

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