How does solar plus storage work?

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2nd December 2020

Solar ‘plus’ storage is the next stage in becoming energy dependent. Start giving your home better control over your electricity spend.

What is solar plus storage?

The addition of a battery storage system in conjunction with Solar PV gives you better power management at a lower cost. 

You may already have a Solar PV system installed. You may be happy with the free electricity you receive when the sun is shining. But what about when the sun isn’t shining?

Your Solar PV system is set up to export any unused solar power back through the power lines to your grid or network provider. Many people are out or, at work through the day. This could mean that you don’t benefit from your ‘free’ daytime electricity as much as you could. 

Regardless of whether you are around to take advantage of your generated solar power or out at work. The chances are you don’t use everything you generate. This is especially the case in sunnier climates.

Not only are you losing out on all that electricity your Solar PV has provided. You are potentially overloading the grid. It’s a well known fact that most grid infrastructures were never built to absorb huge excesses of solar.

That aside, the main issue comes when you need power later in the day. You may be buying power from a grid that your Solar system exported to earlier. Seems crazy eh? Moreover, you’re probably paying for that power at peak time and tariff.

When the driver for many is lower cost electricity, the question has to be. Is it worth getting a battery with solar?

Battery storage is a wise choice for many and with the projected trend set for even larger numbers. It’s clear to see why this innovation really can help.

By storing your unused generated solar power, you save it for a time when do need it. Power your home or devices at night and use cheaper night time tariffs to re-charge your battery when the sunshine isn’t on tap.

The control you get with solar plus storage is essential in understanding how you use your power. By adopting better practices with energy use, you’ll see that savings mount up quickly. You’ll get more from your battery and more in your pocket too! 

You’ll also have peace of mind if you live in an area with an unstable power supply. Many combined systems such as the Soltaro AIO2 ESS (Energy Storage Systems) come with integral blackout protection. Instant switchover to the stored power from your battery should a power outage occur. 

Solar plus storage is a wise choice for many reasons. Investment based, blackout protection, energy independence or lowering bills. Whatever your motivation, it’s a wise choice move toward sustainability and lower energy bills.

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