Common Myths about Batteries for Solar Storage

Batteries for Solar Storage Soltaro AIO 2kWh in white room
21st July 2020

With energy prices at an all time high and no sign of reductions in the near future, many people are contemplating alternative sources such as solar panel batteries for home.

Many councils and housing associations are heavily investing in this type of tech for their housing stock. With the ‘heat vs eat’ debate raging in so many countries. The need for sustainable and lower cost energy to heat and power our homes is essential.

Worldwide, over 11 million jobs are now held within the various renewable tech arena. A staggering 3.6 million in Solar PV alone.

Many countries have introduced incentives to encourage the public to invest in more sustainable methods. This helps to lower the carbon footprint whilst reducing grid demand at peak times. Of course for the end user, if being ‘green’ isn’t the main driver, then the lifetime savings on energy bills are an added bonus.

The need for reliable and efficient batteries for home utilising new or existing solar PV may have been a little slower to join the party. The uplift in this tech has been climbing in efficiency, design and popularity over the last few years.

Names such as Tesla powerwall are usually the name people new to the industry may have heard of. Lavish marketing and advertising campaigns with colossal budgets ensure the popularity of the product. But, does the solar battery actually live up to it’s sizable price tag and slick advertising?

For all the claims and fancy advertising of big brands such as these, don’t be fooled by the marketing campaign. Frequently, some major brands use third party inverters in their models and low quality exterior casing material to ensure their profits remain high. Warranty and aftercare are also an area to look into before making a purchase of a solar battery. A poor warranty may end up costing more in the long term if you experience issues.

Batteries for solar storage come in all shapes and sizes with differing chemical composition’s, capacity and limitations. Undoubtedly, Lithium Ion Phosphate is currently the safest and most durable home battery type in the market. This also makes the battery last longer and why warranty lengths are increasing for the big names in the industry.

Do Batteries For Solar Storage Add Value to Your Property?

Another common question is if solar panel batteries for home add value? Frequently debated but no real solid facts to confirm or deny this claim. Yes, the addition of solar and a battery will of course, help to lower your dependence on the grid, provide cheaper electricity and encourage you to become more in tune with your energy usage. But adding value to our home really can depend on the value of this technology to your home buyer. For some however, it may be the ‘sway factor’ that makes your home stand out amongst the crowd. 

Batteries for solar storage within the Solar industry are gaining popularity and no longer a fad or only for the ‘gadget’ lovers amongst us. Look for a reliable manufacturer that addresses the areas important to you. If you wish your battery to be installed somewhere visible, you may not want it to look like a huge server from the 1980’s with masses of exposed cables and wiring. 

Soltaro invest heavily in their products. Good looking, quality, reliable components, inside and out. A sensible price point and long warranty combined with solid, dependable technical support that give you peace of mind long after your system is installed.

If you’re in the market for a dependable home battery storage system, try Soltaro or get in touch with our team for more information. 

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