What are the best batteries for Solar Power Storage?

6th December 2022

When it comes to home battery storage there are a lot of conflicting opinions about the best batteries for solar power storage. From the battery chemistry to the battery size, it can be a little overwhelming of you’re a newcomer to it all.

You’ll see some big names that you may want to gravitate towards, and let’s face it, With the amount of advertising and marketing that goes alongside these names. It’s hard not to be impressed by the glossy brochures. 

However, in a world that is facing such financial strain from rising energy prices, there are better options to be had. A bigger budget doesn’t always make for the best solution. So let’s talk about the key questions you need to ask. 


If you’re a regular subscriber, then you’ll know we talk about this a lot. Battery chemistry has certainly evolved over the last decade. There is still some debate over which takes the crown but in our opinion, LFP is the outstanding winner. Lithium Ion phosphate has little to no risk of thermal runaway, which makes for a much safer battery. That stability also enjoys a longer lifespan, a crucial point to note. Want to read more about LFP chemistry? Click here

Solar Power Storage Size

Size matters. The physical size of your battery is almost as important as the battery capacity, depending on where you want to locate it. As many more domestic homes join the storage revolution, you’ll notice that some batteries look very dated and clunky. With a home energy storage solution such as the AIO2, it combines the best in good looks, compact design and extreme efficiency. 

Capacity of course, is a major contributor. But what do you need now, and what will you need in 5 or 10 years? Consider your growing needs, additional lifestyle considerations such as children, electric cars etc. Ensure you go for a battery with flexibility, and one that you can easily expand. Do you need 15kWh for a 2 bedroom home? Probably not. Don’t pay for a larger battery than you need. Talk to your sales advisers and do research. Bigger isn’t always better (and that isn’t just your bank balance talking)


People get very hung up on cost. Prices are everywhere on the internet but what do these prices mean and what do they include? Many manufacturers chose not to publicise prices as its very difficult to adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach when so many factors can affect it. A unit price minus install is relatively simple. However, the install cost isn’t so simple to estimate without a survey. Location of battery to mains board is a factor along with many others and can affect the price.  Additional components such as cabling or labour costs, or if the install is particularly awkward, can also play a part.

Don’t be put off by having a survey (or even a desktop survey) completed. It will allow your retailer to give you the most accurate quote. They may be able to save you some money or advise a better solution for your needs.

Off Grid / Backup Power

Getting a solution that is best for off grid solar battery storage is particularly important. When you are relying on renewable energy to power your home in its entirety, the solution must be fit for purpose. 

Some battery storage solutions sold as best for off grid or even as a back up solution, aren’t always up to the job. There are key questions you must ask moreover, insist on. Understanding and asking questions such as ‘does the inverter needs mains power’?  If it does, then that battery isn’t probably right for you. 

If an inverter needs mains power then it may be acceptable in a blackout lasting a few hours. But what happens if you need power for longer? By choosing a combined energy storage system that can power the inverter directly from your solar, you can rest easy. Every time the sun shines, you can re-charge your battery, making it a true off grid solution. Without this function, your battery will only power your home during one charge cycle. And if you’re a heavy user of power, it may not last long.

These key questions will ensure that you have all the facts at hand and allow you to purchase the best battery for solar power storage. Moreover, a solution that works for you.

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