The Green Machine for Climate Change

Climate change affects us all. How Soltaro can help.
19th August 2019

Climate Change – The Facts

Climate change is happening and despite the non-believers out there, it is real and taking a toll on our planet. Making the world finally wake up to climate change and respond with global energy sustainable programmes and targets has taken time. As a result, it is now a reality.

Did you know that in 1950, in the UK, there were approximately 2 million private cars on the road? Compare that to the 38.2 million cars in the UK last year. That gives an idea of the huge growth. However, it is not just in transport, but across the board in industry, deforestation, pollution and population increase. The way we use energy and resources has dramatically increased over the last 70 years and that comes at a price.

Play Your Part

Sustainable living as a lifestyle, not just a fad, is becoming more prevalent in the world. Accordingly, we can all get involved by making simple changes to our everyday lives.

Whether you recycle, use low energy light bulbs or adopt a ‘mend, reuse and recycle’ rather than the ‘bin and buy new’ mentality, the changes start to add up. For the most part, there is so much more we can do. The recent trend to go vegan or to include insects in our diet as a more sustainable protein source is maybe a step too far for some, but as a society we have all been guilty of being somewhat complacent about our drain on natural resources.

Energy is the one thing that gets most people a little hot under the collar. Rising costs and tariffs or the increase in ‘love ‘em or loathe ‘em’ wind turbines is always a debate waiting to happen.

The truth is that renewable energy sources are an essential part of our future at a global level.

By 2025, globally we expect to see 1.5 billion cars on the road. The need to power these cars with renewable energy is becoming a world essential. Subsequently, the battery market will play an important part in powering not only your car, but your home too.

Solar Battery Storage

Battery Power rules!

Battery powered and hybrid cars have increased in popularity over the last decade with many more charging points and longer lasting batteries making them a serious contender for the modern family. With charging points at many more venues, workplaces, supermarkets and service stations in addition to cheap home charging points, there is no longer the fear of running out of ‘juice’ when you need it most.

Sustainable battery use is also more commonplace than most give it credit for. Who could now be without their smartphone, fitness monitors and the vast array of other devices such as tablets, cordless vacuum cleaners, games consoles or power tools?

What’s Next In the Climate Change Battle

Home energy battery storage is at the forefront of this climate change revolution and it is time to play your part. Regardless of whether your motivation is simply saving money or wanting to contribute to the ‘green factor’. Home energy storage batteries are a credible and sustainable way to lower your energy ‘grid’ dependence, often by as much as 75% with both solar panels and a storage battery.

Couple your home energy storage powering both your home and your car and you’ve got a viable way to lower bills. Soltaro batteries are made lithium ion phosphate so they’ll last around 20 years. An important thing to consider as replacing batteries every 5 years (as some manufacturers would have you do) is going to take serious brownie points from your green credibility and your wallet!

So, whatever your motivation, consider battery storage for your home, lifestyle and car. It’s an investment that you can see the difference from the moment you power up and the savings will speak for themselves.

The future is battery powered, isn’t it time you got on board?

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