12 Facts of Soltaro

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23rd December 2020

The 12 facts of Soltaro is our way of giving you a snapshot of our business, ideals and products. It’s a short overview of every area, giving you an insight into the world of energy storage.

Plain, straightforward facts and information. We hope you’ll find useful when investing in Energy Storage and of course, you can always get in touch if there is a question we haven’t answered.


Investing in energy storage for many is a venture into the unknown. At Soltaro we want our customers (and future customers) to fully understand the technology, benefits and savings attached to their system.

We’ve done the hard work and the recent launch of our AIO2 is a game changer. Compact, powerful and super-efficient. You’ll be saving money on your bills from the moment it’s installed with our state of the art software and technology.


The Soltaro warranty is there to give you peace of mind. Our 10 (5+5) year or 10,000 Charging Cycle warranty is one of the longest warranties on the market. We, however go that bit further. Technical support is a click away. No long queue on the telephone or complicated enquiry forms. Log your issue and we’ll get back to you fast. If we can’t fix your issue remotely, we’ll send a local accredited Soltaro technician to visit you. No hassle, no quibble, just good reliable customer service.


We offer a 5+5 year warranty because we want to encourage all our customers to register their systems upon installation. This way we can fully support your purchase for many years to come. Get 5 years when you purchase and add another 5 years when you register online. Our battery chemistry composition is the safest available. Combine all our rigorously tested safety features and component’s, and you know you have a robust, efficient system that’s made to last.


There is whole host of energy storage products on the market. How do you know which is best? We understand that it can be confusing when choosing your system. 

Paying top price for that high profile brand could leave you with a system that is all about the glossy brochure and huge marketing budget and less about the system quality. Of course, you’ll only know that once it’s in your home and the first issue occurs. Is it a risk you want to take? Do your homework. Aftercare and warranty claims, alongside customer service are the most important factors after your system performance.


We may all have battery powered devices in own homes but when family, home or your business is concerned, safety is critically important.

Our battery chemistry is Lfp. Lithium ion phosphate. This is the safest available chemistry and results in a longer lasting, more efficient battery. Want to know more – read our article about the safety aspects here.


Our battery storage systems are designed to be wall mounted, look good and take up less space in your home. Our contemporary designs can be showcased and will be something you want to show off, not hide away (unlike some systems we could mention). From the high quality inner & outer casing materials to the rounded child friendly corners and whisper quiet technology. Every part has been carefully designed to look as good as it performs.

Blackout Protection

Do you live in a country or area where the power supply isn’t stable? Does your power network need to use rolling blackouts or load shedding to maintain their supply? Soltaro systems come as standard with seamless blackout protection. When the network power goes down, your battery seamlessly kicks in and supplies the electricity you need to keep your home powered. Our battery has the highest output in its class for emergency power mode, so you can do more than just keep the lights on.

Designed in Australia

We design and engineer our products in Australia. The harsh climate has gave way to the next generation of battery storage and our systems are built to withstand extreme climate conditions. 

Hailing from engineering and renewables backgrounds, our team was forged of the most knowledgeable and experienced minds. Combined, we are completely focussed on one goal. To create the best, most efficient energy storage system on the market with an emphasis on the customer, before, during and after installation.


Lives change, families grow, energy needs expand. Rather than outlaying serious amounts of cash for a massive battery storage capacity you don’t need, invest in a system that’s right for you.

We have heard so many tales from people who have been sold huge systems from other manufacturers on a ‘what if…’ scenario. 

Rather than paying for a system that is too big, purchase a system that’s right for you and your needs. And, if your needs change, add on another module. Better efficiency and performance and it’ll cost you less too.

VPP Ready

Virtual Power Plants or VPPs are a buzz term that you may have come across in industry magazines or the media. By connecting multiple homes with solar and incorporating battery storage, households can share resources and stored power, creating their own power network. Shared energy that we can all benefit from as the cost savings can be substantial. Want to know more about VPP? Click here.

Power, wherever you need it.

Turning on a switch and having instant access to electricity is something the majority of us take for granted. However, those living in more rural areas don’t always have the luxury of a grid connection. 


A virtue expected, but not always delivered by many companies we deal with. At Soltaro we live and breathe values that drive our business and ourselves. An honest, open and transparent approach is what we constantly strive to deliver. 

Never pushy or overwhelmingly technical (unless you ask us to be). We won’t confuse with clever words or oversell you something you don’t need and didn’t ask us for. Our approach is consultative. A solution to a problem.

We hope that this insight into the facts of Soltaro helps you understand more about us and the energy storage solutions we design. 

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