Irish Battery Rebate – The clock is ticking

Irish battery rebate
23rd April 2019

Irish Homeowners

Don’t miss out on the chance to get your €1000 Irish battery rebate 

Self-generation of energy is big news and so is the Irish battery rebate. It’s a sustainable way for households to lower energy bills. A new scheme to encourage homeowners to invest in Solar Energy Storage Systems.

Namely, by investing in a Solar PV plus battery storage system, the government will help. Irish homeowners could be eligible for a fixed grant of €1000 for a system over 4KwH. Also, systems under 2 Kwh could qualify for a grant of €700 per kWp of solar installed.


The UK ends the Feed-in Tariff for Solar only installs in March 2019. In comparison, the Irish Government is streets ahead. Incentivising battery storage combined with solar.  SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland) will administer the funding. The funding focus will be on self-consumption.

Denis Naughten, Climate Action, and Environment Minister spoke out on the grant. He explained, that a typical three-bedroom semi-detached home can spend in over €1,800 on a solar PV system. This could save the homeowner approximately €220 per year on their energy bills.

Eligibility for the Irish Battery Rebate Scheme

Eligibility is straightforward. Occupied homes, built after 2011, are eligible to apply for the grant. When approved, applicants have six months to undertake and complete the works. They must use a registered contractor. Once the install meets scheme requirements, the grant is then awarded as a one-off payment.

The Scheme itself

The scheme is the first of it’s kind. It aims to help citizens generate power and lessen their dependence on the grid. It also assists the Government’s effort to reach climate action targets. The targets are set by the EU.

Ireland, along with many other countries, is some way off hitting its 2020 target. In short, the Irish have to produce 1 million fewer tonnes of carbon each year. So, every home does count.

The scheme is still in the pilot stage but planned to run until December 2020. If proved successful, the scheme will continue. Currently, it’s reviewed every 6 months and has helped hundreds of Irish homes. As a result, all now on track to becoming energy self-sufficient.

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