Lockdown Energy Saving Tips

Lockdown Energy Saving Tips
8th April 2020

Many of us are becoming accustomed to a variation of lockdown and its associated challenges.

With the current Coronavirus pandemic and the uncertain days we are all facing, the changes are affecting everything about our daily lives. From toilet roll shortage, entertaining the kids to not being able to see family and friends. Energy saving may not be top of your immediate priorities, but still is an important consideration as we’ll all be using so much more than usual.

This is the time to consider how you use your energy as we’ll all be using so much more power to keep us working from home, keeping the kids (or ourselves) entertained in addition to the extra heating, cooling or lighting we’ll be using.

We thought that some easy to implement energy saving tips would come in handy for most families and, will ultimately, lower those bills slightly. Obvious, you may say? Possibly, but most homes probably aren’t following all the tips below and as they say, every penny matters!

These Energy Saving Tips are based on things you can do every day, without spending extra cash. Straightforward and easy to implement.

Lockdown Energy Saving Tip #1

Hot Water

Washing hands thoroughly and frequently is now something we’re all doing so much more than ever before.  

We’re all washing our hands more but every 10% reduction in temperature on your water heater could save you 3-5% on your water heating costs. 

Whilst you’re lathering up, turn off the hot water tap and turn it back on to rinse. It all counts!

Lockdown Energy Saving Tip #2

Pool Pumps

Keeping cool after a long day or entertaining the kids in your own swimming pool? 

For those lucky enough to have a pool at their home, simply set your pool pump for a shorter period each day & save up to 10% on your bill. A small but very efficient change. 

Got Solar? Utilise your free ‘generated’ solar electricity & save even more

Lockdown Energy Saving Tip #3

Washing Machines

It’s an essential part of life, and for families with younger children, a daily occurrence for most. 

Implementing the three simple changes below can make a huge difference over time. 

1 – Shorter Cycle

2 – Lower Temperature or Eco Setting

3 – Full Loads

Got Solar PV and a battery – add solar into the mix and save even more by running the machine when the sun is out or use the excess once your battery is fully charged.

Lockdown Energy Saving Tip #4

Unplug it!

We all have so many devices in our homes and rely upon technology for most aspect of our lives, but we all leave plugs in and sockets turned on even if our devices or charging plugs are turned off. All that ‘standby by’ energy still costs money.

All those devices keeping us entertained during the lockdown are still costing you money even when turned off. By unplugging all unused devices, you’ll save tons of energy over time and it’ll cost you less too.

If you don’t need to keep it in the socket, unplug it! 

Lockdown Energy Saving Tip #4


Do you have a stash of spare lightbulbs hidden in a cupboard? Are they energy efficient bulbs?

If so, replace them today. Don’t wait until your old-fashioned bulb blows, you’ll save much more by replacing them and utilising all that energy efficient lighting across the entire home sooner.

Don’t forget, 12% of the average home’s energy bill is on lighting. Make sure your home is using LED or another low energy light wherever possible. This one simple change can result in huge savings in the amount of energy you use.

Want to save even more?

These are some of our favourite energy saving sites from around the world.

Australia – https://www.energy.gov.au

South Africa – https://www.savingenergy.org.za

UK – https://energysavingtrust.org.uk

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