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Lower The Cost of Cooling

11th October 2019

For most of the world, lower air conditioning costs would be very welcome. Air Conditioning is a necessary piece of kit for your home or businesses to keep temperatures down in warmer climates.

This essential cooling aid was invented back in 1906 by a New York based inventor called Willis Carrier. He called it ‘apparatus for treating air’ and it’s sole purpose was to quicken drying in a steamy Brooklyn printing press.

What’s changed?

Technology has come on somewhat in the last century, although the standard design for Air Conditioning hasn’t altered significantly since the 1950’s, which in a world where technology evolves at a staggering pace, shows that the overall design is very much still fit for purpose.

We understand that all this lovely cool air comes at a price and with over 10% of the World’s energy costs deriving from Air Conditioning, it’s not surprising that most see it as a necessary cost.

Globally, there are approximately 1.6 billion air conditioning units, and this is expected to rise to 5 billion by 2050. Saudi Arabia’s energy spend on air conditioning is almost 70% of their overall spend, so you can only imagine what their energy bills look like.

What about Australia?

Let’s take Australia, they have over 4.5 million air conditioning units installed and all that cooling comes at a serious cost both to the environment and to the bill payer. Most homes and businesses don’t use their Air Conditioning units as efficiently as they could, especially the case if isn’t a ‘smart’ unit.

The great news is that there is a way to reduce your spend on energy. Homes with Air Conditioning or other ‘heavy usage’ devices will see a substantial reduction by utilising Solar for FREE daytime electricity and then storing the excess into a Solar Storage Battery for use later in the day.

This simple and ‘hassle free’ addition to the home makes such a difference and will even help during those power outages as the battery will keep the lights and power on when the rest of your neighbourhood is in the dark.

Lower air conditioning costs

Don’t underestimate the savings that are to be made, and with the 10 year warranty (or 10,000 charging cycles) from Soltaro, you’ll have the peace of mind that you’re investing in a long lasting, ‘Australian’ designed system that was built to deal with harsh climates like Australia.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Find out what Soltaro can do for your home?

Give us a call or drop us an email. We’re always available to answer your questions. With retailers all over the world, we are best placed to advise what the best solution for your home or business is without breaking the bank.

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