Everything you ever wanted to know about Solar Storage but were afraid to ask…

6th September 2021

Are you thinking about investing in Solar Storage?

Confused about all the mixed messaged across the internet? Well, quite frankly we’re not surprised. There are so many companies talking about why their battery is worth your hard earned cash. But are you getting the right information about Solar Storage for your needs?

Let’s start with how much energy you need.

Got a big family, house, use air conditioning frequently or have an electric vehicle? Realistically you’re probably going to need at least 5kWh. If you are a heavy energy user, 10kWh system may better suit your needs. 

Do you live in a rural area or regularly have power outages? If so, a 10kWh battery is probably the place to start. If you are completely off grid, then we wouldn’t recommend anything less than this. 

What about installation?

Not all batteries are created equal. Think about whether it will be an interior or exterior installation. Some systems are limited and can only be installed inside. This is what’s known as an IP21 rating. If you’re tight on space, this may not always be the best option for you. 

IP65 rated solar storage allows interior or exterior installation. Extra flexibility where your battery can be housed makes all the difference. Potentially saving you some cash too as the battery can be installed in the best location for you.


It may be solar storage, but you want it to look good, right?  So many batteries consist of two or three separate units with cumbersome exterior cables & braker boxes. Many look like something from the industrial revolution and are plain ugly! 

Consider other devices you buy such as Phones, TV, Cars and even your Oven! Energy performance and price play are priority, but most of us want them to look good too. The same should be the same for your battery. Combined systems, such as the AIO2 from Soltaro house all the components in one compact unit. It looks fantastic and is compact in a single unit. No mass of exposed cables or extra units that many other top of the range systems have. 

Performance & Warranty

Want a battery that does what it says on the sales literature? It’s not too much to ask, surely? We all understand that lifestyle and energy use play a large factor in a battery’s usage and lifespan but why?

Batteries are made to charge and discharge (think back to your phone battery). The more you use your phone the faster the battery discharges. It’s the same with Solar Storage Batteries. When your battery is fully charged from your Solar, or from the grid. It will only last as long as the demands you make on it.

If you’re in a blackout scenario, you’d be wise sticking to the basics. Refrigeration, Wi-Fi, lights and a few sockets. If not, then you can afford to add more devices to that too and happily get the power you need. 

Battery warranties are always worth investigating too. Most are based on ‘charging cycles’ or years. Ensure that the battery you go for has a 10-year warranty. Otherwise, that cheaper system you thought was a bargain, will undoubtedly cost most in the long term.

Who is delivering or supporting your warranty? Where are they based? Some warranties are notoriously difficult to get solid warranty support or aftercare from. Always look into how easily warranty claims are processed and supported. It really can make all the difference.

With or Without Solar?

To get the maximum from your battery and to make the biggest impact on your energy bills. We’d always recommend teaming your battery with Solar PV. Whether you already have Solar installed or are looking to invest in a complete system. It will increase your savings dramatically as you’re using excess Solar to charge your battery whenever the sun is shining.

However, you can use battery storage without Solar. Savvy application of ‘low use’ tariffs can be employed to charge your battery when electricity prices are at their lowest. Alternatively, community power sharing is gaining popularity. Hooking up to a network of other homes with battery storage. Sharing the excess power between you to negate the need for pulling power from the grid.


Always a tough one as costs can deviate from Country to Country with logistics, customs and currency fluctuations all paying their part.

Rather than just looking at cost, look at all the factors we’ve mentioned above. Getting the right battery for your lifestyle is the priority. Cost is almost secondary as the right solution will save you more in the long-term.

There is, however, a caveat. If the price tag is excessive but the specification is the same, ask yourself why? Are you paying for the ‘big brands’ because of those impossible to ignore polished TV adverts or Billboards? All that expensive marketing comes at a cost and you, as the end user are footing the bill. 

If you have the specification, aftercare, capacity, tech support, safety and warranty then consider that the most expensive isn’t always the best option. Manufacturers like Soltaro keep marketing costs low and invest all our efforts into the systems themselves. You get the best quality without the inflated price tag. 

Soltaro strive to make solar storage available to everyone. Lowering costs and managing energy so that we can do our bit for the environment with self-generation in addition to saving those hard-earned dollars.

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