Soltaro Review – How the All-In-One ESS Battery Compared

Soltaro Review highlights advantages of Soltaro All-In-One ESS Hybrid
5th December 2019

If someone is going to give a Soltaro review, an assessment by Solar Review is a huge compliment. They are a dedicated solar product advice website. As a result, experts give their insight and advice on the latest solar technology.

To be honest, our All-In-One ESS Battery had to meet some exacting standards.

A benchmark score of 3.3 is very good indeed. We were confident because of our design, engineering, and durability. Moreover, our battery focuses on the value to the end-user. Read on to see how we measured up over 5 key areas.

Soltaro Review – Overall Design

Initially, in this category, judges looked at battery type. We use the safest chemical composition available. Namely, LiFePO4 (Lithium Ion Phosphate). Assessments were of configuration, compatible inverters, and scalability. Also, any recognised awards, certification and IP ratings. Ingress was at the discretion of the reviewer. Our design score was 3.3

Solar Battery Efficiency

In-house innovative design, engineering and manufacture, ensures Soltaro storage systems’ extreme efficiency.
The round-trip efficiency varies between brands. This measures energy lost from storage to usage. Our 97% efficiency gained a whopping 4.5 rating

Battery Storage Performance

Incidentally, performance is more than efficiency. Soltaro batteries are designed to handle the harsh Australian climate. Also, vast temperature variations.
Following on came the next round of testing for our All-In-One ESS. Namely, weight and depth of discharge. In addition, temperature range, operating humidity and altitude tests were checked.

Essentially, with a 100% depth of discharge, operating humidity 95% and max. altitude of 4000 m we scored an excellent 4.1 rating

The All-Important Guarantee

In brief, we design and engineer our systems in Australia. Manufacture is in our own purpose-built facility in China. Installations are by trained, accredited teams. Moreover, we have full technical support and first class aftercare.

We have total control of our product.

Compared to other brands, we have seamlessly integrated technology. This causes fewer conflicts arising from the third party manufactured parts. A 10 year/ 10,000 cycles warranty shows our confidence in our system. The reviewer agreed with a rating of 4.3.


Affordability broke down into two assessments. Firstly, a technology ranking looking at the design, efficiency, performance, and guarantee. Our quality score was 4.2. Secondly, the ranking considered the above plus the cost in USD.

Consequently, we were delighted to end the review with a rating of 3.9, surpassing the benchmark of 3.3.

Because our score fell between 3.8 and 4.2 we were considered as:

“having specifications which are exceedingly superior to that of the industry average”

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