What makes a Soltaro Solar Inverter special?

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14th December 2020

Let’s start with the basics. What is the role of an inverter?

The role of an inverter is more widespread than you may know. They are used in thousands of applications in electrical devices turning DC power (Direct Current) to AC power (Alternating Current).

You may ask what the difference is between an inverter and one for solar? A Solar Inverter turns DC power generated by your panels, into useable AC power in your home. Any excess or surplus power is directed back to the grid.

The size of inverters for Solar are measured in kW (kilowatts). The maximum size you can fit to your house is determined by the grid operator that provides power to your house.  

In Australia where Soltaro is designed and developed, a general inverter size limit of 5kW is allowed to connect to the grid for a house.  In solar terms a 5kW inverter will generally produce energy from the sun for 5-7 hours per day which we call “daylight hours”. 

We’ve explained below how much electricity would a 5kwh solar system produces using this simple equation.

Take the number of daylight hours multiplied by the inverter rating and this is what the inverter will generally produce per day.  E.g. 5 hours of good sun on 5kW of Solar Panels through a 5kW inverter will generally produce 25kW of energy for that day in ideal working conditions. The average home in Australia uses around 24kW or energy per 24 hour day.  

String or Hybrid Inverter?

Inverters have two main categories (String & Hybrid). String inverters simply turn your solar power to AC power. No grid ‘down’ functionality and minimal monitoring or usage information. Hybrid inverters are the new standard for solar inverters that can function off the grid. They use interface for batteries and provide more detailed monitoring information about your energy usage. 

Over the years Soltaro have been part of the shift from String to Hybrid inverters, to now complete All-in-One Hybrid and Battery systems.  

Tynan Coles, CEO

Selecting the right hybrid inverter should come down to one metric. Ask yourself, does the inverter manufacturer also make the battery?  If not, you may be in a position of relying on two separate companies. This can be a problem if a problem arises as opposing component suppliers often blame the other. Warranty claims can be drawn out or left unresolved, leaving customers frustrated and angry.

A good Hybrid inverter or All-in-One energy storage system should require no maintenance. They are designed to manage their own operation based on your energy needs and usage habits.     

So, why do inverters fail?

Inverters may fail as some manufacturers substitute cheaper parts or omit features to offer a seemingly lower cost option to customers. Inverter warranties are only as good as the weakest components.

Choosing the right solar inverter.

When choosing the best inverters for solar panels, there are points to consider. Firstly, the features that your solar inverter has. Most modern solar inverters will incorporate features like consumption monitoring. This allows you to see what you use versus what your produce. You may also need battery controllers. A ‘must have’ if you want to incorporate an energy storage battery. Also essential if you want to use your battery for ‘back up power’ during a power outage. 

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