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Why would I invest in sustainable energy?

24th May 2021

Many assume that people who invest in sustainable energy, such as battery storage, must be completely ‘green focussed’ or they’re simply in it for the investment or payback?

The truth is that our customers vary and quite frankly, there is no ‘defined’ type. Many invest in energy storage because it’s right for them and their lifestyle. One driving factor is often energy stability (essential if live in a country or area where grid instability or blackouts are a factor). The other, of course, is lowering energy bills. A must for most households.

If you’re buying a new build home, it’s probably full of energy saving products. This is mainly due to regulations about carbon emissions, not down to the generosity of your builders. Many now include Solar PV or Battery Storage within new build properties and if they don’t, you may want to ask why not? 

Carbon Schemes – what drives them?

We’ve all came across ‘free boiler, insulation or lightbulb’ schemes in recent years and many thousands have taken advantage of such offers. These schemes are driven by Governments and their need to meet carbon emission targets.

Carbon targets are such a huge part of why so many schemes, initiatives and grants are available. With huge targets to hit, many countries are falling behind. The financial penalties are colossal, and you can understand why so many are driving incentive schemes to increase uptake.

The bonus for most of us is the significant savings. Regardless of whether your investment is through initiatives or, if you decide to invest in any such renewable energy yourself. 

Take Solar panels (Solar PV). So many early adopters only got on board because of grants or incentives. In the early days, Solar was very expensive and consumer confidence was still low as the technology was relatively new.

Nowadays, you see Solar everywhere. On both homes and businesses, it’s as commonplace as insulation or led lightbulbs (well, almost). The daytime savings are great but as a consumer, what’s next? How can you increase your savings, further lowering your bills?

This is where energy storage takes the centre stage. A simple addition to exisiting Solar or installed alongside a new Solar installation, Solar plus Storage is the way forward. 

By adding a battery storage system to Solar, you automatically store any excess solar within the battery and use when you need it. Anytime, day or night. 

So, what do our customers want to achieve?

  • Lower energy bills 
  • Stabilise energy supply
  • Maximise the savings from their Solar PV

The above is probably the main driver for the majority of our customers but let’s not forget about rural or ‘off grid homes’ where sustainable energy is a must. Equally consider homes with air conditioning or pool pumps where the running costs are seriously high. What about EV’s (Electric Vehicles)?. All these factors in addition to modern ‘ high power’ technology driven homes that have ever more reliance on electricity.

Of course, let’s not dismiss the ‘gadget factor’ too. That latest device that you have to own and talk about at your next dinner party or brag about to your neighbours.

Whatever your reason, energy storage is here to stay and a credible, sustainable way to lower your energy bills. 

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