Is Solar Battery Storage worth investing in?

Battery with solar on background
24th September 2020

Should I invest in solar battery storage? It’s the question on many people’s mind. As we continue to consider ways to be energy efficient with lower electricity costs.

Are Solar Storage Batteries worth it?

Globally, many people say yes. The annual energy storage installation size in 2017 was around 6 gigawatts (GW). Today that is over 40 gigawatts and growing.

The industry hasn’t had an easy ride. New technologies are often snapped up by the curious and technical-minded. But they can be a slow burner for the masses. 

Electricity costs continue to rise regardless of the take up of renewable technologies. We are a world focused on saving energy. Batteries for storing excess solar power, are an easy investment, providing solid savings. Plus the power when you want it.

Investment in Solar Energy Storage has improved over the last 5 years. We have better understanding of how to use stored energy. We can run a home or large ‘power hungry’ devices. This has formed the need and secured the future for the solar battery technology.

Shifting from Lead Acid to Lithium Ion Phosphate was key. It gave leading battery manufacturers balanced systems. Leading the way with longer lifespans and as a result, longer warranties. Stable energy storage with longevity.

Can you run a home off a storage battery?

There is no easy answer to this. It depends on home size, lifestyle, usage, geographical location and weather. Also the system size and capacity. With all the factors in line, then yes. It’s feasible to run your home from solar and battery power.

Yet, for many of us, solar plus storage is a fantastic add on. Providing free power that lowers your bills. And, takes advantage of the excess solar that would go straight back to the grid.

What is Solar Capacity?

Frequently used terms within the industry can confuse and mislead.

Simply put, capacity is measured in kilowatt hours (kWh). It is the maximum amount of electricity that a solar storage battery can hold.

Modular solar battery solutions, such as Soltaro, are designed to expand. Simply ‘plug in’ another module if your need increases. Additional batteries increase solar capacity so you can store more kWh. Powering your home or devices for longer.

How big is too big?

Whilst you can increase your solar plus storage capacity, bigger isn’t always better. Location, the amount of sunshine, solar system size and daylight hours factor in. All these vary and dictate your energy storage needs.

Your lifestyle or energy usage also plays a part. Don’t be sold into investing into a huge capacity system if you don’t need it. Over-compensation will cost more and make your system less efficient over its lifetime.

Is Solar Battery Storage worth it?

Yes, we say, and we’re not alone. Its an easy way to utilise all that lovely free solar power and store any excess, whilst lowering your bills.

Do plenty of research and ask questions to ensure the battery is right for you. Look at chemistry, what is safest for your home? Size and capacity or location. If you’d like to installed inside your home, it needs to look the part without messy external wiring. Ask to see actual install photographs rather then polished ‘promo’ shots.

We know there is a ‘solar plus storage’ battery solution for everyone. Why not start the savings today?

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