Are Solar Batteries Worth it?

11th November 2021

One in 5 Australian households have already invested in Solar PV. But are Solar Batteries worth it?

By installing a Solar Battery, you can utilise almost every kWh of energy your Solar PV produces. Rather than sending all that power back to the grid, store it. Use it whenever your Solar isn’t generating to power your home without the need for supplied power from the network or grid.

Self Sufficiency

By becoming more self sufficient in your energy production, you’ll save a heap on your energy bills too. A regular household with a solar battery could save up to $640* every year. The more batteries you have, the more you can store and save.

Obviously this can depending on your lifestyle and energy use. you may still need some additional power from the grid depending on the battery size you opt for.

Currently only around 5% also have some type of home battery storage. The numbers are growing steadily but there is still a long way to go. With so many household producing electricity the grid is struggling to cope with the inbound excess power. As so many homes are generating solar, the excess currently goes straight back to the power companies.

This, however, can pose a major problem. The networks were never built to cope with ‘inbound power’. As the solar is generated at when the sun is shining, the power companies receive an influx of power that they can’t cope with and it can cause major issues. 

Battery Storage is an effective and efficient way to lower your bills. Combined Energy Storage Solutions (ESS) like the Soltaro AIO2 are designed to maximise your energy storage needs without the unattractive aesthetic of some of their competitors.

Compact, whisper quiet and super-efficient. They come in a 5kWh or 10kWh expandable module. No ugly external wiring means wherever your battery is housed, it’s going to look as good as it does in the brochure!

Sustainable Living

Sustainability and lowering carbon footprint are big news and rightly so. Heating and cooling are the biggest source of carbon emission’s in our homes. It’s so important that we all steer away from traditional fossil fuels and go electric.

Lowering your energy bills and generating your own energy is a great place to start. So, when people ask ‘Are Solar Batteries Worth it?’ I think we can all agree that they are! 

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