Queensland Battery Booster Rebate – The facts

14th March 2024

Following on from the battery rebate in Victoria, Australia, Queensland have followed suit with their Battery Booster Rebate.

Battery Booster Rebate Eligibility

Aimed at households with a combined income of less than $180,000, this rebate is a great way to help fund your investment in battery storage. The rebate offers up to $3000 for eligible applicants. An even larger $4000 rebate on offer for those with household where the top earner gets $66,667 or less in the last financial year.

By opening this rebate up to so many households, it does come with some qualifying criteria other than the salary or household income. We’ve listed these below for easy reference.

Steps to a successful rebate application

You must have an existing Solar PV system in place with a minimum 5kW capacity. However, if you don’t already have Solar PV, this can be installed at the same time as your battery, and you will still benefit from the rebate.

  • One rebate per household for residential premises
  • Must be the owner of your property and it has to be a residential premises. It can be mortgaged, but you must be the named owner.
  • Must use an approved installer from the list here.
  • Must obtain a quote and purchase the system after the 12th February 2024
  • Must go with a battery from the Approved Battery List, such as Soltaro.

All these criteria ensure that the battery systems and installer have appropriate training, experience and that the products have met safety standards.

To apply you simply need a quote from an approved installer. Once received, simply logo into myGovID, where you will be asked to provide proof of home ownership and income. At this stage your application will be assessed, and you will receive notification of conditional approval if successful.

Once successful, you can organise and arrange your installation and your installation must be completed within 90 days. A longer 120 day timeframe can be agreed under certain circumstances.

Receiving your Battery Booster rebate

Once your system has been installed, you will need to submit your rebate application providing the evidence required.

Once processed, the rebate amount will be transferred into your bank account. At some time in the months after your installation, you will be asked to agree to a free safety inspection at a convenient time. This ensures your system has been installed correctly and gives you peace of mind.

  • Stage 1 – Choose supplier from approved battery list and gain a quotation.
  • Stage 2 – Apply for conditional approval.
  • Stage 3 – Arrange installation.
  • Stage 4 – Installation of system.
  • Stage 5 – Submit rebate application.

5 easy steps to have a battery system that will lower your energy bills and save money on your energy expenditure. If you go for the Soltaro AIO2, you’ll also benefit from key features such as smart management software that allows even more efficient management of your excess solar. This, combined with expandable storage, a 10 year warranty and blackout protection means you’ll have energy storage that will take pride of place in your home.

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