Keep the Power on During Australian Cyclone Storm Season

Lighting over dark city sky
27th October 2020

Keep the power on

Despite all the weather warnings, there is a way to keep the power on.

Typically, the cyclone season runs from 1st November to April. Soon, severe weather is predicted with an estimated 11 cyclones due to strike. Accordingly, it’s vital to ensure your home or business is not hit by a power outage.

This years’ season is predicted to be severe.

With potential winds of greater than 200kph combined with hail, lightning and rain, you need to be prepared. As a result, it’s time to consider energy storage.

Queensland and the Northern Australian Territories’ are about to enter the Cyclone season.

There have been many articles full of warnings

In short, it’s time to prepare, to avoid potential disruption. Ensure you can maintain electricity supply by investing in an Energy Storage System (ESS). Moreover, Soltaro’s All-in-One is designed in Australia, equipped for the harsh climate.

The simple addition of a solar storage battery will lower your bills and help you be more energy independent. Less dependence on the grid means more control over your energy.

Soltaro systems include a seamless switchover. When the lights go out, your battery kicks in your electricity is restored.

See, what Mr Dowson had to say about his Soltaro battery

‘My entire area was without power. The supplier had advised it wouldn’t be restored until approximately 10pm that evening.  I was working in my office when the power cut, after half a second, the inverter kicked in and supplied me with emergency power. 

I was thrilled that I was able to continue working while the rest of the suburb was without power, with the solar to top up until the evening. ‘

Mr Dowson, AUS

Soltaro benefits

All the batteries in the Soltaro range come packed with benefits.

  • 10 Year or 10,000 Charging Cycle warranty
  • Seamless switcher for power outage
  • Plug and Play technology
  • Expandable storage
  • IP65 rated – suitable for indoor or outdoor installation
  • Long lifespan 

Ready to generate more power?

Get ready for this years’ storm season and ensure you keep the power on!  

Want to know more about Soltaro and our range of energy storage solutions? Click here to find out more.

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