Small Houses or Tiny Homes?

Tiny Homes with Solar plus Battery Storage
20th September 2021

Curious about Tiny Homes? What is this movement that is gaining so much popularity across the world?

What exactly is a Tiny Home?

A Tiny House is a fully functional dwelling, typically under 600sq.ft. Sometimes also referred to as THOW (tiny house on wheels). Many are built on foundations, but the majority choose trailer mounted units. The freedom and flexibility of Tiny Homes comes at a low cost and generally built to very high standards. 

Because it can be mobile, you are free from many building codes or restrictions. Much cheaper to run and maintain. Not forgetting the freedom to travel wherever you please. 

Tiny Homes in Australia are extremely popular. With many people defying convention and choosing them as their permanent homes. The thrill of a ‘portable’ home with lower costs, lower carbon footprint and ever-changing scenery. This drives owners to make the move to this sustainable trend.

DIY or Turnkey?

Although small homes appeal to many DIY enthusiast’s, they also come as pre-finished ‘turnkey’ options. Companies such as Alphaline offer both ‘kit’ form and ‘ready to go’ units. 

What is the best way to power a Tiny Home?

Tiny Homes are usually designed to maximise natural sunlight with large windows. If you position your home in the right position, chances are you won’t need much lighting or heating throughout the day. However, when night falls, you have a few options in order for power.

How do Tiny Homes get power?

Many choose generators to provide their electricity, but what about a more sustainable method? Solar is proving to be an increasingly popular choice with average savings of 20%. 

Solar, although not completely viable in its own, can be when combined with a battery. This can offer the best all round power supply. By combining battery storage alongside Solar PV, there are serious benefits to be had. The excess electricity your panels generated throughout the day is stored until you need it. Free electricity, without the need for a generator in the right climate.

Combined battery storage solutions, such as the Soltaro AIO are perfect for offgrid living and pair seamlessly with Solar and Tiny Home to create a super efficient energy solution.

How much electricity does a Tiny Home need?

Like any home, large or small. It all depends on the size of the home and your lifestyle. You’ll need to look at what power you use, or are likely to, to get a true estimation.

There are many calculators or systems to work this out. It’s certainly a helpful starting point if you’ve decided to invest in a Tiny Home.

Are Tiny Homes more efficient?

Yes, typically, a Tiny home only uses around 6 lightbulbs. This provides a huge saving as lighting is one of the highest energy costs in the home. But as the space is so compact, all your bills are much smaller across the board. The efficiencies of a smaller home are usually the deciding factor alongside the lower carbon footprint and flexible living.

Tiny Homes are perfect for holidays or as a permanent home. With lower upfront costs, maintenance and electricity bills, people are very passionate about the Tiny Homes movement?

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