Advantages of Solar Battery Storage – Doing It Right

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19th March 2020

Advantages of Solar Battery Storage

Fully benefit from self-generated electricity – discover the advantages of solar battery storage.

Making the decision to invest in solar energy battery storage is not one to take lightly. In order to maximise return on investment it’s worth doing some research first. Harnessing the energy your solar panels generate is common sense. As a result of the technology available, use the energy you self-generate in the evenings. In brief, this means lower energy bills and less dependence on the grid.

Other necessities are reliability and robustness. For example, our batteries have sailed through vigorous testing. This ensures they can cope with harsh climates. So then, what happens if something goes wrong? Some batteries are in fact, a product of several manufacturers. In this case, this may cause issues with warranty claims further down the line.

Here at Soltaro, we believe in ‘doing it right’. Read on to see why an investment in our products will save you money. In short, we want to remove any worries you may have over maintenance and longevity.

Solar Battery Storage Design

The sleek look of our products is down to our talented in-house team.

Having the ability to store solar energy wonderful. However, during the storage to usage process energy can be lost. This is called round-trip efficiency and is a metric worth researching. In a recent review we scored an excellent 97%. 

Highly respected for their no-nonsense reviews, read what a recent article on the Solar Review website had to say:

“Unlike many opinionated reviews, the Solar Review Battery Assessment Criteria compares the Soltaro All-In-One ESS Battery against the industries best known specifications.  The result, a solar battery review with no room for discretionary bias and the transparency you desire. 

You can read the full solar battery review here: NB The site only shows so many reviews and since this article was written it has been replaced. Watch this space and we will let you know when they review our products again.

Soltaro Manufacture

Research and development, innovative design and engineering all originates from our Head Office in Australia. Our manufacturing  takes place in our purpose-built plant in China. 

We also develop, design, engineer and manufacture our own inverters. This allows us to offer a 10 year warranty or 10,000 charging cycles whilst keeping costs affordable.

We have total control of our products, having produced all key components inside and out. With installation carried out by our trained specialists, we can cover our energy storage systems with total confidence. Many of the leading, more expensive products on the market use third-parties which can lead to problems if something goes wrong. 

Cost of Solar Battery Storage

You will be pleasantly surprised to find that our price is below that of the leading manufacturers. You will be equally surprised to find that when you look at specifications, we not only match but in some areas, surpass what they offer. 

We use superior quality casing materials because we want our product to not only be efficient but look good in your home or business. 

Check us out and compare our offering, then factor in that we:

  • Have a reassuring warranty of 10 years or 10,000 charging cycles 
  • Manufacture all key components of our energy systems 
  • Research, develop and produce our own software
  • Use high-quality materials inside and out
  • Can expand your system should your energy needs increase
  • Have an excellent customer maintenance and aftercare service

Then, take another look at the cost comparisons… 

Solar Battery Installation

Having one of our systems installed is quick, causing virtually no disruption or inconvenience.

Installation is very efficient. As soon as we plug you in, you can start storing the energy providing your panels are generating. Our design keeps wiring and space needed to a minimum.

Most installations need no more than a couple of hours.

All our installers and retailers are trained to a high standard before we approve them to be part of our team. We insist that they have passed our stringent training requirements to become accredited and we monitor performance closely to ensure this high standard is maintained.

Is Bigger Better?

Soltaro systems are fully expandable. 

Whilst some manufacturers unnecessarily sell huge capacity batteries, we advise the best capacity system for your needs. Countries like the UK, for example, may struggle to achieve full charging capacity for larger systems in Winter. So, a smaller capacity battery may suit your needs better and is ultimately more efficient and cheaper too.

Soltaro will never sell you more than you need. 

Our trained experts will discuss requirements so your system purchase is the perfect fit. 

For sunnier climates we offer up to a maximum 25kWs for home use. And, should you need more, you can always bolt on another module. Expanding is easy with our simple plug and play technology. So, if you decide to invest in an EV, Soltaro can expand your power storage needs to suit.

Soltaro Software

We take pride in the fact that we design and develop our own software and systems. Our team are experts in their field, with distinctive experience in software development. Our online portal and e-ticket support system deals with any issues quickly and in most cases remotely. 

All the hard work is done behind the scenes with remote ‘online updates’. Your system stays up to date, maximising the efficiency of your battery, without the need for any involvement from you, the customer.

Aftercare & Support

Customer aftercare is just as important to us, if not more so. 

We love to keep our customers happy and understand that satisfied customers are much more likely to recommend us to their friends and family.

Soltaro Warranty

Our 10 year warranty or 10,000 charging cycles is one of the best in the industry. It’s possible because the core components of our product are designed, engineered and manufactured by us. A claim that can’t be made by some of our competitors.

We have 100% confidence in what we offer because we design and build to the highest specification, using the safest lithium ion phosphate chemistry and the best technology available.

Soltaro Promise

We are proud of what we are achieving in the renewable energy arena. 

In a world turning to cleaner energy, the advantages of Solar Battery Storage solar is obvious and we are proud to be ‘doing it right’.

Take a look at our home battery storage for solar energy and get in touch with our team. They will be happy to have an informal chat with you to advise on what would be the best system for your needs or to recommend an authorised retailer in your area.

Whether you’re looking for home battery storage users or business energy storage, we have happy clients all around the globe. Soltaro is a safe set of hands for residential and business energy management. 

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