How can I make my home energy efficient?

23rd March 2022

Recently, energy saving has hit the headlines. Rocketing energy prices have seen the biggest price increases in years. The ‘heat’ vs ‘eat’ question has once again been raised. 

We all need to be asking ourselves how we can make our home more energy efficient.

The headlines are terrifying with 50% increases in energy prices in some countries. Clearly something must be done. We all need to do everything we can to become more energy efficient and subsequently, lower our energy bills.

Gas is being phased out in many countries in years to come and the emphasis is now focussed on renewable power. The time for change is upon us and we all need to get onboard.

What is energy efficiency?

You many think that’s a simple question and in many ways you’re correct. But how many people know what it is but do little about it?

Is it because we don’t care? Can’t be bothered or are we simply happy to pay more than we need to for energy? Using less energy resource doesn’t mean we need to live a hermit wrapped in layers of clothing with no heating to save a few dollars.

We can all make simple changes to how we live. Most of these are barely noticeable. Once you get into the habit of making changes, you won’t go back. Especially not when you’re bills start lowering.

Lighting is one of the easiest electricity upgrades we can make. Changing from old incandescent or Halogen bulbs to LEDs can make a huge difference. It is predicted that you can save up to $16 per bulb. With average households containing over 20, it soon adds up. A small initial cost that will pay for itself time after time.

What uses energy in my home?

All your electrical devices and appliances use energy. If it’s plugged in or on standby, it’s costing you money. How many of us leave phone chargers, lamps, game consoles or TV’s permanently plugged in?  The simple thing is to turn off and unplug if not in use. It’s safer too!

Heating and cooling are a big deal when it comes to using energy. Turning the heating down a degree or two or increasing the Air Conditioning temperature slightly will make a difference. You may not notice the temperature change, but we guarantee you’ll notice the saving on your bills.

A home lacking sufficient Insulation is such a big drain on your pocket. So many countries have grants or incentives that you can take advantage off to help subsidise, or in some cases, fully pay for the work.

Losing heat through an inadequately insulted roof, floor or wall can be easily rectified for little outlay. The savings will surprise you. Check out just how much you can save here.

Many countries already have a water shortage. Many assume we can turn on the tap and receive an endless supply. Because of water shortages it may not always be the case. Aging infrastructure and climate change, combined with excessive use and a growing population have us heading for supply issues.  

There are so many ways to save water and they’re easy too. Don’t leaving a tap running whilst brushing your teeth or use a dual flush cistern. A shorter shower or re-using waste water to water the garden are all great ways to save water and save cash. If you have a dishwasher, ensure its full before beginning a cycle. If it has an ECO mode, even better! 

What are 5 ways to save money?

  • Turn it off. If you aren’t in a room, turn off the light.
  • Don’t waste water. Good for the planet and your pocket.
  • Use the ECO function or wash your clothes at 30 degrees or less.
  • Get insulated – Cheap and extremely effective.
  • Drop a degree for heating & increase a degree for cooling.

Energy Saving Trust have a handy quiz to help with rising bills and what you can do. Click here to see how you’re doing.

We can’t stop your energy providers increasing the cost for electricity but we can help you become less reliant on their power and help to make your home more energy efficient.

Taking an even bigger step toward self reliance and sustainability allows us to produce our own electricity. All the steps above are just as important if not more so when you take control of your energy production. Completely so with off grid properties. You’ll want to get the best out of your renewable energy source.

Here at Soltaro, we are all about Energy Storage. Using Solar PV to harness to sun’s limitless energy and storing the excess for use later in the day. You can even charge your battery from the grid, utilising lower tariffs. Using the stored energy to power your home through peak tariff times or when the sun goes in. 

By utilising Solar plus storage, you are maximising your Solar PV system. The battery will help to combat those rising bills and if used in conjunction with some of our energy saving measures above. Your stored battery power will last even longer. Less reliance on the grid and lower bills.  

When we talk about making our homes more energy efficient, we need to thinking about how we use energy. This problem will become more important in years to come. As infrastructures age and resources lessen, we’ll all need to become more aware of what we use and how we use it.

Small changes will make your home more energy efficient. Make a change today.

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