Rising Business Energy Costs?

16th May 2022

News broke recently about rising domestic and business energy cost rises and we all started talking. Fluctuations in Business energy costs are nothing new. However, the current economic climate and the war in Ukraine are all taking a toll.

Wholesale energy costs have risen and are at record levels. 

Energy suppliers buy from the wholesale market and then sell it on to their customers, domestic or business. Prices are increasingly difficult to predict and that means less deals are available as the energy suppliers attempt to protect their revenue.

Price caps on domestic rates have protected the public from the brunt of these increases. But recent increased price caps will mean huge bill hikes for many of us.

Business energy contracts are estimated to rise by an average of 100%. A frightening statistic that will become a reality very soon. 

What can you do about rising business energy costs?

With an increasing trend toward ‘green credentials and the push toward net zero, it’s time to talk renewables.

Better energy management will see reductions in energy costs. Whilst energy costs are a significant cost for businesses, it is an area that we all need to address.

Solar PV and Battery Storage. Whether commercial or domestic, play a big role in better energy management and lower costs. 

Energy Storage Systems (ESS)

Advancements in commercial energy storage make it a serious consideration for businesses large or small. Utilising ground mounted or rooftop solar alongside battery storage. The resulting savings are a game changer. 

Looking at energy use is the first step. Understanding where and how you currently use power is the key. Better energy management is a strategy that can’t be ignored if you want to lower your bills.  

Top Reasons to invest in Commercial Battery Storage

  • Increased energy management
  • Lower energy costs
  • Lower emissions 
  • Increased green credentials
  • As battery storage cheaper energy from the grid can be stored, released and redistributed when it is most needed.

Soltaro offers single and three phase battery storage that will work for your business energy storage needs, regardless of size. Our fully expandable systems are built to be flexible, expandable and deliver results.

Built using Lithium Ion Phosphate (LFP) chemistry, Soltaro’s energy storage systems are safe and a long lasting solution to your business energy needs.

Regardless of where you are in the world, business energy costs can be a major outlay. With further unpredictability in the energy world, isn’t it time to take back control? 

Talk to our commercial battery storage experts today. It’s a conversation you won’t regret.

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