Seamless Connectivity

3rd April 2023

We talk about seamless connectivity a lot at Soltaro. Here, we’d like to focus on what it means for you and your wallet.

You want to be reassured that your product will do exactly as advertised or sold. So, how does your battery interact with other devices or products and moreover, is it really as simple as plug and play?

So many battery or solar products promote themselves as seamless. However, the big question you need to ask is will the company support you fully if they don’t work. Will your warranty be backed up or valid if something goes wrong. Will your supplier deal with your issue or wash their hands and point you in another direction? When it won’t connect or perform as advertised, who is at fault?

What happens when your Battery won’t talk to the inverter or the software won’t talk to your battery correctly? When your Battery Manufacturer refers you to the Inverter Manufacturer or the Software developer. Sadly, it’s common for Manufacturer ‘A’ to always blame Manufacturer ‘B’ and you may get left playing piggy in the middle. You could be left with a product that doesn’t perform and where do you turn? 

Would you still have purchased your product knowing that it wasn’t as ‘seamless’ or works as advertised. Or it wasn’t supported in the way you expected? 

Soltaro systems look great but more importantly. When you buy Soltaro, you are buying a Soltaro Inverter, a Soltaro Battery and Soltaro Software. 

Many Manufacturers don’t take responsibility for someone else’s issues. They may refer you back to the original manufacturer of that component. Unfortunately, that company may not have service or local support. They make not even speak your language. All very frustrating and quite frankly, not what the seamless service signed up for.

Soltaro are different. 

We design and engineer all our own software. So, when you buy Soltaro, you know it’s designed by Soltaro. Our battery, our software and our inverter. Our in-house developers ensure that all our products are seamless. Not just words. Actual seamless connectivity, designed to work together. 

Smart, intelligent software that makes the most of your energy, device, or product. No frustrations or hassle. We’ve evolved over the years, listened to our customers and installers. Our products are built to last with superior quality materials and our software is state of the art.

We fully support our products, and you can rest easy that if there is any issue, you only talk to us. Simple. No middle man or additional manufacturer to muddy the water. Our technical support and aftersales team are there to ensure that your experience is seamless. In every sense.

True seamless connectivity and moreover, we do what we say. What was once a pipe dream is now a reality for the product and customer support. 

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