South Africa Embraces Solar Energy For A Perfect Combination

South Africa embraces solar energy. Image of sunbathed Cape Town.
6th February 2020

South Africa Embraces Solar Energy

South Africa embraces solar energy in many of their future plans. The Northern Cape region of South Africa encompasses much of the country’s solar industry. Above all, ambitions to progress are strong.

In the past, nuclear power and coal were the main components of energy supply. Now, the emphasis appears to be on solar-generated power. The 2018 Integrated Resource Plan called for the addition of 5.7GW of solar power to the grid by 2030.

Solar power plants in South Africa already meet the demand of almost 1.5GW. The Jasper Solar Power Project, Kathu Solar Park, Solar Capital De Aar Projects, Mulilo Sonnedix Prieska PV collaboration and the Kalkbult solar power plant are the leaders in the Northern Cape area. Between them, they propose to power over 334,000 homes over the next 20 years.

As technology improves, prices reduce. South Africans understand the benefits of a solar energy system in a country blessed with sunshine. Solar panels combined with solar battery storage enables 24/7 usage.

As a result, commercial enterprises are exploring renewable energy options. Notably, investment in products like Soltaro’s expandable storage can save significant company expenses.

How to Choose the Best Solar Battery Storage

Consequently, as the desire for solar energy storage has risen, so have the companies supplying systems. Therefore, how do you make sure you are investing in the correct product? In brief, there are crucial elements to consider:

  • Capacity – How much energy will your battery store? Soltaro batteries are modular, so as energy need grows you can add another unit. In a recent review, we surpassed the benchmark score of 3.3 we rated at 4.1 for performance.
  • Depth of Discharge (DoD) – The amount of capacity used is the depth of discharge. Generally, the higher the DoD the more energy you will have.
  • Round Trip Efficiency – How much energy is lost in the storage usage process? In a recent review, we rated a 97% round-trip efficiency on the product tested.
  • Warranty – Soltaro design, build and manufacture their product so they can offer a strong warranty. Furthermore, with a global team, customer support is second to none. Also, Soltaro use the safest chemical composition available. Software is developed in-house. Hence, Soltaro products cope with harsh climates, domestic and commercial demand, and rigorous testing.

South Africa Powering Ahead

A population of 45 million, pride in cultural diversity and breath-taking landscapes. South Africa has it all. Now they are set to be world leaders in renewable energy.

This will only add to the respect the tourists who flock there each year have for this beautiful, natural terrain. Using what nature has to offer is common sense.

Soltaro is proud to play a part in the growth of renewable, climate-friendly energy use returning power to the people.

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