A Smart home – is this really the future?

Smart Home is this the future
4th July 2019

These days, everyone is talking about ‘Smart Homes’ and ‘Smart Devices’, but what, to the uninitiated, does all this mean and how accessible is it for the average home?

For all the tech and gadget lovers out there, the chances are they already have invested in everything from ‘smart’ watches, phones, TV’s and voice activated devices such as Amazon’s ‘Alexa or Google Smart Home.

Other than the ‘gadget’ factor and having information and entertainment at hand, what is the next step and how can it benefit your home and pocket, as well as your mind?

Your Smart Home Household

Getting your home or business energy efficient with smart home energy devices is undoubtedly the future. Whether it’s investing in products such as ‘energy smart’ thermostats to control your heating or ‘smart’ plugs to make your existing appliances ‘smart’, the savings that can be made through more efficient use of everyday devices is incredible.

The majority of households aren’t willing or able to rush out and invest in a top to toe overhaul of all their appliances to embrace this technology. As soon as you understand quite how much can be saved through better use of energy, you may re-consider.

Making Changes

Saving energy for your home or business can make a real impact on your energy bills and subsequently your pocket. It’s not necessarily about using less energy, just being smart about how, when and why we use it.

In brief, it is time to change and that’s why here at Soltaro, we are advocates of new technology and how to integrate smart technology into our battery storage devices, making them even more effective at using your stored solar energy.

Get Involved

If you are thinking about getting more energy smart, then think about this. What better way to lower your energy bills and become energy efficient by investing in a Solar PV plus battery storage solution. So, rather than your excess generated energy going back to the grid (only for you to buy it back later), store it and use it at a time that suits you.

Save it, store it and use it to power all those ‘energy hungry’ appliances such as air conditioning units, tumble dryers and lighting later in the day or night. You’ll be amazed at the difference it makes and at the changes in behaviour you’ll start making to get your family, home or business more energy smart.

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