VAT free Batteries in the UK, yes please!

22nd January 2024

Vat free batteries – UK

After some months of promises and speculation, the date has finally arrived. 20% VAT has officially been scrapped for solar battery installations in the UK. Welcome news for the thousands of people wishing to invest in this solid piece of energy saving kit.

Historically, you could only benefit from zero VAT if you bundled together a new solar PV install alongside your battery. However, with the regulatory changes made by the UK Government, you can now purchase a stand alone battery storage system without the need to pay VAT. The VAT relief applies to both new systems, and retrofit renewable measures.

The 20% saving couldn’t have come at a better time.

Battery prices have dropped, making an investment in energy storage an even more compelling proposition than ever.

We’ve all seen how energy prices have escalated to all-time highs over the last 3 years. So many people have struggled to cope with the increase in their energy bills and have been forced to look at ever more creative ways to combat the price hikes.

Battery storage has been always been an economical way to lower energy costs. By simply storing excess solar, or by utilising tariffs such as Octopus’ agile tariff.  You can charge your battery at the most economical time without the need for Solar PV. As we all know in the UK, the sunshine can’t always be depended on. So, the option to go for battery only, without the need to add solar, makes savings even easier and accessible for those who weren’t in a position to have a Solar PV installation.

Moreover, with the implementation of smarter software at the core of batteries such as the Soltaro AIO2, there’s even more to save. The super smart Qendercore software sits at the heart of their systems, allowing easy management to fully utilise every last amp of energy in the most efficient way possible.

And whilst we’re talking about benefits, Soltaro have a few stand our features that deserve a mention.

Not only is the software & hardware developed inhouse by their own specialist team. They also come with true blackout protection and off grid usage alongside their 10 year warranty. All these features plus expandable storage that is easy to install and offers remote & online monitoring? It really is putting your money where your mouth is.

So, if the idea of zero VAT is enough to get you thinking about the possibility of battery storage, don’t wait. Give the guys at Soltaro a call to talk about what is best for you. It’s unbiased advice that may save you a packet.

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