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Victoria Battery Rebate

Victoria Battery Rebate – July 1st 2019

14th May 2019

Powering your home with the help of the Victoria Battery Rebate

Here at Soltaro, we’re gearing up for the Victoria Solar battery rebate re-launch this Summer. In brief, the scheme called Solar Homes, provides up to $40 million in support of up to 10,000 households. Thereby encouraging households to install a home battery solar storage system.

Victorians have access to a 50% rebate, up to a maximum rebate of $4838 depending on system size and cost.

What does this rebate mean?

Needs for a battery storage system will vary. As a rule, energy usage will depend on your house size, lifestyle. Soltaro are here to advise what your home needs. Therefore allowing you to become as energy independent as possible. Namely, we want to help you to take full advantage of the Victoria Solar Battery rebate.

Generally, a solar battery storage system saves a typical household up to $650 a year on electricity bills. This in addition to savings already made using solar panels. Consequently, battery storage systems are the future for energy efficient homeowners.

Who can apply for the Victoria Battery Rebate?

Presently, the scheme is open to all homeowners. Including households with income of up to $180,000. Home’s with a maximum value of $3 million are eligible to apply for the rebate. Furthermore, the scheme is highly regulated. In particular, only approved installers can implement the systems. As a result, peace of mind is achieved for you and your family when you invest.

Why should I invest in a Solar Storage Battery now?

With price rises across energy spend in recent years, it’s the time to invest. A Solar Storage System can complement existing solar panels. Or, install a complete Solar Battery Storage plus Solar solution. With the help of the rebate, it makes saving on your household’s energy future a simple choice.


Find out more about Solar Battery Storage Solutions from Soltaro.   Take a look at our wide range of battery, hybrid and inverter solutions.

We’ll let you know when the scheme opens. So, keep checking the site.

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