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Business energy savings from Soltaro
22nd May 2019

Why your business needs to invest in Battery Storage to cut energy bills?

At Soltaro, we like to challenge the norm by constantly evolving. Thus we are constantly expanding our battery storage range. We are looking at even more effective ways to store energy. In short, saving cash on your business energy bills in addition to making a large contribution towards your ‘green’ credentials and carbon saving targets.

Whether you’re looking a battery storage system for your home, your business or your housing project, Soltaro have a solution. Bespoke so it’s perfect for you. With instant savings once installed, you’ll soon see a difference in your business energy bills.

How Solar Battery Storage Works to Reduce Business Energy Bills

Battery storage can revolutionise the way your organisation or business uses energy. Our domestic and commercial battery ranges are very flexible. Ensuring that whatever size of system or project you need, we have the right solution. In addition, with the most flexibility, at (and most importantly) the right price. Consequently making your ROI even stronger.

Combining solar with battery storage gives you flexibility. Saving even more, whether your business is using power at night or not. You are no longer totally limited to the grid for your energy supply.  By storing the excess energy from your solar in batteries instead of returning to the grid negates buying energy from the grid at a reduced night time tariff. This can transform your energy spend.

Saving energy

There are so many ways you can increase your business energy efficiency. Lower energy bills by changing small things. The tips from the Carbon Trust in addition to Solar Battery Storage can really help. Take a look at our beautifully designed product range.

The Advantages of Solar Battery Storage:

  • Avoid peak-time energy costs. Charge using economy tariffs and discharge during higher cost periods.
  • We design our own inverters & batteries – No more software conflicts.
  • Make the most of onsite generation. You can be flexible, secure your supply and be environmentally friendly. Simply create energy onsite.
  • Secure your supply. Manage supply quality and eliminate network disruption risks.
  • Enjoy 10 year warranties and a lifetime on operations and maintenance and support.
  • Simple installation with plug and play expandable storage.
  • Local and Remote monitoring.
  • Stock held in UK, Europe and Australia – no more waiting lists.
  • Lithium Ion Phosphate chemistry – the safest and most efficient there is.

Email us at [email protected] or call us to find out more about how you can save on your business energy bills.

Got a project? let our team design a system that will get your project off the ground and charging ahead.

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