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battery & inverter manufacturer uses in-house software

Feeling Conflicted about Software?

18th October 2019

Most of us don’t realise that multiple manufacturers may manufacture the major components within our battery and inverter systems.

You may think that you’re getting the best of both worlds, but in reality, you’re leaving yourself open to software and hardware conflicts. The bad news for you is that when issues happen (and they occasionally will) you are left with manufacturers claiming the error is with the other party involved. This can often lead to additional time or cost to get your system up and running again.

Most of the mainstream solar plus storage battery systems use an inverter or battery made by someone else. This is true for most of the major players in the market like Sonnen or Tesla. Highly polished marketing material could skim over this fact, selling an integral system. In truth, they don’t manufacture all of their product. Components are supplied by a third party and re-packaged as the ‘complete’ marketed unit.

Soltaro Software with battery & inverter manufacture

So, what makes Soltaro software different?

For starters, we heavily invest in both the research & development, design and manufacture of both our battery and inverter. We don’t purchase from a third party and our domestic battery storage range is all Soltaro with no hidden manufacturers of other major components.

Because we design and manufacture all our domestic battery storage systems, we have full control over the systems and how they talk to each other. This seamless connectivity ensures fewer long term issues and of course, full responsibility for the technical support, regardless of fault.

No more conflicts

We all hope that issues won’t arise, but with a technology rich product and multiple years lifespan, there may come a time when your need to call on your warranty and this is where Soltaro are different.

As a customer with a Soltaro product, you get a smooth, quick resolve to your issue. As battery & inverter manufacturers we won’t leave you out of pocket.

Our systems are tested rigorously and designed to perform in the harshest of climates. They are rated as IP65 using lithium ion chemistry. This is the most stable and long lasting chemical battery composition available.  Our models are also updated remotely so that your system is always up to date.

Do your research and make sure you choose a solar battery system that performs on all counts with the UK base service and support.

Aftercare & Support

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